1. The waffle house has found its new host

  2. 05-10 is all compatible mechanically, same motor, transmission, suspension and all, only difference are headlights, taillights, and airbags

  3. Don't have my scanner on me or else I would've. Thanks for the input tho.

  4. you can go to any autoparts store, most will run the codes for free

  5. Ik. But I can't be 2 places at once. I was doing something and have a scanner at home. So I made a post in the mean time like why you gotta be an ass about it?

  6. not trying to be an ass but you went and asked a question youre most likely goimg to find the answer to on your owm

  7. clearly she doesnt know what the back of a mustang looks like

  8. no mental block to overcome really, you just drive it and act like its normal tbh

  9. no sir, tc1 is 5×100 while the tc2 and tc2.5 are 5×114.3 and those you posted are 5×100, description is incorrect

  10. What the heck is it running that it needs 3 alternators?

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