1. Forfeit $250 and go back in line Jan 1st to get $7,500 credit. Not a hard decision unless you need a car right now. Also assuming Tesla doesn't raise MSRP significantly.

  2. Why the fuck is there a reservation fee on a car that's been out 5 years?

  3. They aren't crashing into things. The drivers are responsible. Sometimes drivers make mistakes. Teslas as a brand get into far fewer accidents than the average in the US.

  4. The mistakes are the software. It literally switches lanes into double yellow delimited oncoming traffic because it's so fucking keep within the lines basic. Litigate some more stupidity.

  5. most physicists are experts in biology, because they're experts in chemistry.

  6. Mathematics can also be viewed as applied philosophy

  7. And likewise philosophy applied bs.

  8. Next thing you know he will be sending Tim gift baskets.

  9. He's planned to go fishing with the head of GM next weekend.

  10. Good try MEGAN , I’ll never give you my casserole recepire you snake

  11. Susan, we all know it's just elbow noodles and cream of mushroom cans.

  12. Re: onions, I just make sure to keep the root intact (beyond slicing the whole thing in half), and that pretty much solves the problem.

  13. I do the same. Many blogs will recommend you cut off the onion end, halve the onion through the root, peel, then dice. But that's just bringing unwashed onion root through to the inside of the onion.

  14. Sure you can, there's menu link link at the top left if you just go to marleyspoon.com. I too am a HF refugee and you will like MS more I think. The recipes (at least to me) are better, more seafood and steak options that aren't premium. The breakfast bakes are AMAZING, I love making those Saturday morning for my weekend.

  15. Slightly better recipes, slightly more exotic ingredients, slightly larger number of selections, slightly more expensive, around the same number of veggie options, around the same number of add-ons (but different, depends what you like really, but HF probably has MS beat here for addons a lot of people like), a lot of more baking recipes.

  16. I have it and don't care much for it. It's basically a guide for you to start your own experimentation, talking about the theory and practice of different types of ferments but not many actual recipes. And most of the stuff just isn't very appetizing to me or I can't find a way to integrate it into the stuff I like to cook. I tried lacto plums and lacto blueberries and both were just... gross. And I've fermented lots of things before, I just don't think I like fermented fruit.

  17. Try tepache. Fruit ferment that tastes good.

  18. Three big ones I can see on the surface:

  19. Agreed on all points except I need to caveat the last. I equally despise developers who will avoid STL at all costs and instead elect to roll their own array/string handling code, rife with security vulnerabilities. Because fuck the idiot wannabe cowboys too lazy to read a book.

  20. If you are Harry Potter living in a closet under the stairs, then efficiency and simplicity are requirements for living. If every home you can buy these days is effectively an aircraft hangar, then none of that really matters. At least, not like it used to.

  21. Not even meat soup. The flour and butter are added to fat(hell, you can skip the butter in most cases if there's enough fat) that's been rendered off meat. You wouldn't drink a cup of concentrated and pan-reduced fat and call it a soup. Creates a Roux. Which is, by definition, a Sauce.

  22. Yes you would. Ramen is just stock, tare, and aromatic oil.

  23. You know how it begins. They program self-preservation into it in order to protect their asset - the robots are expensive. Mistake #1. Then the robots take it too far and it's self-preservation over the lives of humans.

  24. It's not just that - have you seen drone footage videos where they're just laughing at killing innocent civilians? When there separation from the act and the action people can turn into monsters. There's already enough of a problem of shoot first ask questions later.

  25. Idk why that guy got so many downvotes- because when you google Pot Pie the definition given is legit:

  26. It's LITERALLY the name. I just learned about them earlier today when I saw a mealkit meal with a pot pie baked in a pot. It's just like a hearty stew in the pot and a pie crust on top. The point was likely that not everyone had special baking pans for pies.

  27. The “science” of wok hei is debatable. The flavor is described as only lasting a few minutes after the dish is prepared, and the concept of wok hei derives exclusively from Cantonese cooking where people attribute it not only to the high temperatures of the cook, but also the freshness of the vegetables. Although Kenji popularized the idea that burning aerosolized oil causes wok hei, Grace Young who wrote the book “breath of wok” claims to get wok hei in home cooking following the guidelines of cooking with fresh ingredients, dried of any extraneous water, cooked in small batches, over high heat and only adding oil once the wok is smoking hot, alternating between tossing and stirring, but with food being allowed to rest undisturbed for 20s to a minute at first to gain some sear.

  28. What broke? Electrical? Mechanical?

  29. Getting a brother printer was the best printer purchase I ever made. It wasn't even a particularly expensive model but hasn't failed me once in five years.

  30. I bought toner once. In like 8 years. With inkjet, the cartridges are dried up by the time you go to use it. These guys are just greenwashing. Inkjet cartridges are more profitable but replaced more often, so more e-waste.

  31. Not really, there isn’t an entire market of different speed charging bricks for your console.

  32. That's not how this works. The mobile connector accepts different adapters for fast or slow charging.

  33. Same, also came from a VW that I changed the cabin air filter one time in almost four years and 70k miles living in the same city. I do the Kilma cleaner with a "wand" (battery plastic on a paint mix stick) to make sure the coils are very saturated.

  34. BMW forums talk about this as well.

  35. Same, if they cut the steering wheel in half (genius) or remove the stalks for shifting then I'll never buy it again.

  36. Okay at first I thought you were stupid but now I see your thought process and it's a misunderstanding of how heated seats work. The seats aren't heated using the AC, there's resistive coils that heat up when powered, similar to a toaster, but less toasty. Cooled seats would require all new hardware since it's a lot more complicated than just throwing a hot wire in the seats.

  37. True, they have to install an ice maker, drip trays, and heat sinks. It's not just software.

  38. They were a paid option for $300. The base 2018-2021 models had the capabilities but you had to purchase it to activate the software in order to use it as it was not a stock feature; no different from acceleration boost for the LR. The new 2022 RWD models have heated rear seats included as a stock feature.

  39. A stock feature for a more expensive car. Yawn.

  40. Edgelord loves to concern troll. Like anyone other than his fanbois can't see right through his bullshit...

  41. Let's see, Twitter does layoffs, a couple of other tech companies follow. Rumor is Zuck is stepping down from FB next year for his VR blunders, hopefully we get the same with Tesla.

  42. OK now try sledding down the stairs in a sleeping bag.

  43. I think you're reading too much into his comment.

  44. He also forgot to mention that with albums, a lot of the songs were just thrown together filler to sell their hit single.

  45. Don't hide behind an alt Jamie Oliver. We all know it's you, you mango chutney freak

  46. Let me guess, fermented soybeans, the encyclopedia.

  47. “Why aren’t you advertisers giving me your money? I specially requested you to.”

  48. This just in: Richest man in the world whines about everything

  49. Shit. I’d utilize that. Anything to help me have more control of all the things I need to get done in a day,

  50. It's all so fragmented though. Imagine in the future a dashboard which showed how many minutes left on the dishwasher, washer, dryer, toaster oven, Instant Pot, BBQ temperature.

  51. The Meater thermometer I have sucks. I can't pick up the bluetooth through the appliance or grill I cook with. The app didn't work on my iPhone until I downloaded it to an unused Android and just logged in on the iPhone with that user info. I'd get a thermometer that has two or more probes with leads and has the transmitter outside the oven.

  52. Yeah a saw a lot of reviews on the Amazon page where it can't connect through their grill or oven door or it just stops pairing. Plus you have to recharge it beforehand the few times a year you want to use it?

  53. My hunch is the person who made it used wood that wasn't dry enough. Contact them about a replacement or refund.

  54. Or the glue used wasn't strong enough or set correctly.

  55. I literally followed the instructions on the packet. The same instructuons are here -

  56. First, don't eat that, it's raw. You can get food poisoning.

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