1. Smash, I could use the woman penis as a chair and play with his bonkers 😩👌

  2. Bro wanted actually useful things and but got a Swedish book and magnets. Like, if you asked for something expensive, then sure, I would call you spoiled, but you didn’t.

  3. Would you prefer to sleep in a hard log or on a comfy mattress? Exactly.

  4. I keep the chestplate/ elytra on my hotbar, this way, if I’m in danger, I can quickly switch them by hovering over the chestplate slot and press 8; Takes a bit of practice but is very useful

  5. If you had to pick one, pumpkins. You need silk touch for melon farms to be efficient whereas pumpkins you can just break normally.

  6. I have a mellon and pumpkin farm attached to my enderman xp farm, they pick them up for me, and drop the whole watermelons when I kill them; you can also afk, if you set up a toggle able system where they die of fall damage.

  7. I also don’t know shit about celebrities. Why? I simply don’t care. This is not a facepalm.

  8. When u say ur pH is dropping. What’s it start at and what does it drop to and how quickly?

  9. Starts at around 6(when I change it), then drops in less than 3 days

  10. I feel like players have committed more crimes than wardens themselves…

  11. This has the same vibe as “It’s not a crime until you get caught”.

  12. Don’t slimes only spawn in swamps when it’s full moon?

  13. They spawn more frequently based on the moon cycle, spawning most when full and not at all when new

  14. It looks like a darker version of my trading hall, cool!

  15. It makes me upset that there is a fluffy rug in the bathroom… and someone stepped on whatever that is.

  16. You shouldn’t deprive your sleep so he can get some sleep. So either get him headphones, or tell him that it bothers you.

  17. Thank you, but he goes to bed long before I do, I was just trying to offer a slightly lighter vent because this sub can be a bit heavy.

  18. I understand… what I meant is that there can be a way where both of you can sleep unbothered. Hope everything is better soon!

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