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  1. I wonder if its out of relief from the trash being removed or the confusion of how he got caught and pinned down by someone and they didnt start eating him.

  2. Ill move to Europe after college so if I have a child I can have reassurance that there is basically 0 chance of them being shot

  3. Wait. Does it have smth to do with mr. incredible being colorized and black and white?

  4. Its not racist if I hate them because they taste bad

  5. And this kids, is how I met your mother

  6. Nah the man is already chiseled

  7. The master plan is to get the rest of the car and then go

  8. Idk what my dream theme is but I’ll make sure that it matches the keyboard :)

  9. I got worried that she wasn’t going to say goodnight to me but gladly she got to the things at the top of skyscrapers

  10. Kill his parents infront of him in a dark alleyway

  11. Thank you :D And I would but I dont think you can post pictures in comments no?

  12. You can just upload to Imgur and then link it here

  13. I am replying to the downvotes comment which means I must be downvoted

  14. False, in this comment chain, I am the only one who must be downvoted

  15. Believing doesn't necessarily mean obeying...

  16. For real just look at Christians, most of them don’t even read the Bible

  17. Wait (sqrt(age))x10 or sqrt(agex10)

  18. In this coffee shop there is no added creamers, coffee is either entirely black or only pure white cream

  19. Lmao dont kid yourself most of that money goes to CEOs pockets, not developers

  20. By responding through text messaging and referencing a development in technology (the .pdf file) that came about during their generation, you are effectively arguing that they didn't destroy the economy or you wouldn't be able to talk shit on your $1,200 paperweight that you can't pay for because the economy is evidently destroyed. Nor would you be able to afford a computer in this day and age to respond with for the exact same reason.

  21. Have you looked at the price of rent lately? How about the total amount of student debt? Minimum wage compared to poverty wage? Instead you choose to argue that the development of technology that occurred due to their generation means the economy is good now. Are you also aware that not everyone has a $1,200 phone, thats why android phones still exist, for people on a budget due to the current economy. And for computers, not everyone owns a $2,000 computer, some own extremely old computers, that really are too slow for what they need to do, but cannot afford a replacement.

  22. My parents are gen x, not baby boomers

  23. I dont understand how you got that from what I said…

  24. No das is sad backwards

  25. Of love which is why Christians should be kind and loving to everyone despite sexuality instead of making random “Jesus is king” comments whenever posts like these are made

  26. I give the USA another 2 years and then it’ll fold

  27. Hopefully it atleast lasts till im out of college and can leave this country

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