Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. It's the shark fin antenna. I smash my damn head on them all the time at work.

  2. I'm not sure about that, it's widely reported that the reason is because Boeing didn't advise airlines about a new MCAS system (in order to cheap out on pilot training), which meant pilots didn't know how to react when MCAS started doing odd things (like repeatedly sending the plane into a nosedive...not ideal).

  3. I’m happy to explain further with you, I’m quite intimate with the events.

  4. Wow that's pretty damning. Thanks for the source I didn't know that. There's always more to the story isn't there!

  5. There were multiple days in the 1960s where more than one hijacking would occur within 24 hours

  6. He gave you the tools man

  7. I was so confused as to why someone would wear a bodycam to commit a murder

  8. The two sources for this claim are graffiti found in the area and records kept the builders. From the graffiti, carved by the workers themselves, we see that the builders clearly were divided up into teams, engaged in team rivalry over who worked harder/better/faster etc., and how they lived during construction. From the records kept by the overseers we know things about the planning behind how the workers were gathered (keep in mind things like harvests and farming how to go on also, so workers to be rotated with the seasons), how they fed, how they were compensated, the villages that were built to house/supply them. etc.

  9. Yeah, 175 passengers is a bit disapointing. I though it was suposed to be comparable to the A320 or the MC21

  10. The “19” in the C919 aircraft’s name stands for “190 passengers”. Very odd that they wouldn’t honour this in the game, it’s like they did no research.

  11. Please keep in mind that National 102 crashed because of damaged control surfaces, not shifted Centre of Gravity. It’s an example I see far too often, but it’s actually not the cause of the crash.

  12. I thought it was that the shifting cargo damaged the hydraulics, so still back to the cargo being the root cause?

  13. Cargo? Yes. But not the cargo itself causing the aircraft to be out of trim. Back to OP’s question, 100 people running to the back of the plane is not going to cause fatal damage to the jackscrew.

  14. One major upside I can see about eVTOL is their blades don't need time to ramp up or down. The moment it touches down on the pad you can stop the props and begin charging, much safer than idling a helicopter where the main rotor is still whirling.

  15. Funny you mention, I actually visited Vancouver and Victoria a couple of weeks ago! HarbourAir and HeliJet run an incredible operation there. Vancouver Harbour (CXH) seems almost like a joke; I was out having a stroll around my hotel and just stumbled across one of the busiest airports in Canada… right next to apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, and everything else you see downtown! A large, frequently-serviced airport, only walking distance from the city? That’s crazy!

  16. That’s very interesting, thanks for the fun fact!

  17. The best part is he flew upside down with no problems.

  18. I wouldn’t really call that the ‘best part’ of the tragedy.

  19. Actually there’s a lot of places that are safe!

  20. They must have lifted the ban because there are several congregations in my city.

  21. Probably what the “during WWII” part of their comment referred to

  22. LMAO I’m going to start using that 😂

  23. I would say your aircraft most resembles an ATR-42, a small French-Italian regional airliner that was launched in the 1980s. It also resembles the Dornier DO.328, a French regional airliner launched in the 1990s. The DO.328 was much less popular than the ATR-42.

  24. Nice concepts! I think it looks a lot like a Vickers VC-10 at first from the shape, before you start noticing the LEAP engines, winglets, and cockpit shape 😁

  25. You think the Max had nose-up tendency issues before?

  26. Uh no, nobody thought that?

  27. I took one of these badges off a decommissioned Helvetic Airways Fokker 100 and written on the inside in sharpie was “Hans is gay” and other various public bathroom symbols/words. It’s probably my most prized possession, knowing that 20 years ago, two Dutch aircraft engineers on the other side of the world joked around and scribbled a slur on an aircraft component, and how that piece is sitting in my bedroom.

  28. Basically boys get their sensitive areas lopped off so their voices can go higher /srs

  29. Damn maybe I should’ve put a /s of my own 😅

  30. Ah yes. He wrestled a piece of shit gun from a 70 year old man. Driving down to the river to throw my guns off the bridge since I guess they’re useless now.

  31. How many lives have you saved so far with your guns?

  32. Fiddle Dee Dee, that will require a tetanus shot.

  33. I think we need a new sub called “You Might Like To Know”.

  34. proceeds to go past Mach 10 and destroy a multi-million dollar piece of equipment still in testing

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