I made a tracker to find stores near you that still have mexican pizzas

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  1. If you like to mix metals with other rings + bracelets, the two tone would be a good way to mediate the clashes

  2. I’m hearing jimmy ward is out? Anybody know what happened?

  3. Trash list… where’s Reggie Bush? Or any of the USC legends

  4. Did he not win a ring the very next year for 18/19?

  5. You just mentioned his promise in 2019, which was to end the title drought… which he did

  6. Fun fact: If 17 Rams fans show up to SoFi this year, that would be 17 more fans than the franchise has ever hosted.

  7. Until it comes back, it’s hard to assume when they’ll be back. Taco Bell can say Fall but the only thing confirmed that it is going away soon.

  8. I think it’s also less of her being “the most famous” and more of a passing sensation, kind of like Rebecca Black. Everyone remembers Friday, but you could pass by her in the street and not recognize her for sure.

  9. In the words of the late Kobe Bryant, “Haters are a good thing. They don’t hate the good ones, they hate the great ones”

  10. It’s a pretty lame bar. Not the type of bar a bunch of cool people would go to.

  11. But why are they never at the ground for a game? Surely given their level of passion this is a plot hole

  12. I think it was implied that it was always too expensive for them to go (demonstrated by how excited they were when Beard let them into Nelson Road, and how they were upset they had to pay cab fare)

  13. USC alum and huge LeBron fan here. Congrats on getting a good one guys, always cheering y’all on 😊😊😊

  14. He clearly meant that most of the time nothing useful comes up, but that one time it does, it can be extremely useful. What’s so hard to understand there?

  15. Kendrick Bourne was one of the few players that would stick around and sign autographs for the fans during training camp. He'd stay until every last person got a signature, take photos, and even shoot the shit a bit. Really going to miss screaming "I HAVE HIS AUTOGRAPH" during his hero red zone plays. :(

  16. “You only get one life. So do it all”

  17. If you are in the medical field, thank you for your sacrifices this past year 🙏🏽

  18. I agree with your points. and i agree it does seem very suspicious, since Ice Juice had been around prior to the IPO, so why would people suddenly get sick? you'd think there'd be a better investigation or people would be waiting for that.

  19. Obviously the price manipulation was overblown, but with equity in a company (esp stock options), there’s often a strike price. If I remember correctly, Ira’s strike price was breached during the sell off

  20. I would say to stay busy. Find things to do. I also think having designated times to be nervous/discuss it are good - but limit it to that if you can! Discussing scores and schools etc can become a huge part of your life that can overshadow the rest if you don’t work towards that! I would also say to be gracious if that isn’t always the case 😂 but mostly to stay busy! We’re waiting for fellowship now and we starting watching a series of movies to be busy and going on walks.

  21. Team hopping to chase rings with all stars is LJ legacy. He just needs to get comfortable with it and embrace it. He will never ever be able to say he took a couple of raw young talents and forged them into champions in the fires of Boston and Detroit like MJ did with Pippen and Grant.

  22. Didn't he literally turn Kyrie into a champion LOL

  23. Kyrie was a great player already. And Cavs had cap space and other lottery picks on the team and were able to acquire Kevin Love. So Lebron stepped into a scenario that was primed for winning. He didn’t build anything. Kyrie plus Love and Durant or Butler or literally any other super star would have competed for rings without LeBron.

  24. Then why didn't Kyrie have that same level of success in Boston? Or even close to it. I don't think anyone would argue that Cleveland prior to LeBron's arrival was in a better place than Boston was in 2017.

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