1. You mention adding a guy..then follow up "swinging but not going all the way" Huh?? I think you two have some conversations to have still. I can't give you sound advice on where to start if you seem confused about what you're looking for/doing. What do you two want to explore with this man? What are you both comfortable with? Gotta be able to tell him or else you're setting yourselves up.

  2. I think the most we are both okay with is her giving oral to us both. Or her giving oral to him while I take her to pound town.

  3. When I'm winning too many games with a mediocre/bad team on all Madden(franchise mode). Driving down the field I call a timeout in a close game, and it uses both of my timeouts and I am defeated by not being able to stop the clock.

  4. What happens to the spent fuel? It's is safely stored? Is there technology to turn it to safe/stable elements and safely release back into environment?

  5. From the stand point of the lab I worked in it is glassified and buried.

  6. I play alot of the main quests and arena. But he's pretty well rounded. I believe I looked him up on a brave frontier tiers list and he's a S tier.

  7. Always depends on what you're trying to do. Raids? Trials? Vortex dungeons? If it's just general stuff I'd say any is good

  8. In high school me and my friend were hanging out and bored and decided to look up 2 girls one cup. We found the video and laughed and almost puked, what we found next was absolutely horrifying... The site we were on was super sketchy and played videos automatically (all very bizarre twisted videos). We saw everything from one girl x number of nostrils to BME pain olympics(absolutely disgusting and disturbing). Then the final thing we saw was worst of all... Two mexican guys tied up right next to each other, they offer the first guy with a chain saw and blood splattered all over the life guy. They then proceeded to saw at the other guys neck with a machete. It sounded awful weird gasping noises the whole time and the machete process took very long. We were both frozen when that video popped up. We immediately exited the site and never returned.

  9. Was the house built on a Indian burial ground?

  10. Wow, you truly have an incredible photo there! One of the best I’ve seen. Absolutely. Thanks for sharing. Your grandma must of lost her mind when she saw that.

  11. I'd love to kiss that ass, rub my cock on it, eat your ass out, and cum all over that yummy big fat ass 🤤😍😋😈

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