1. Congrats, welcome to the real world. I wish the best in your future.. Glad you made it out..

  2. If only it allowed custom responses…

  3. I’m envisioning this the next time missionaries ring the doorbell. I’ll just respond from behind the door and through the Ring audio

  4. Yes! I’ll have to try this next time haha

  5. Well, I’m scared to go grocery shopping.

  6. Can confirm, when I was younger, and still an active member, seeing the people protesting around temple square only made me think I was on the right path/we were being persecuted. I always just pretended they weren’t even there. Awkwardly avoiding eye contact.

  7. https://www.peekvids.com/v/andria-and-lilly-threeway-punish-wet-little-pussy-exploitedcollegegirls-katrin-tequila/kgtUR205I0G

  8. This happened to me too. I had to turn off and then turn on the phone again.

  9. This was happening to me and I fixed it minutes ago. It just took restarting the phone. Something about one of the recent updates.

  10. I used to be a teacher out West. Left a 50k/yr salary to come to the south. Left teaching for a different career (I wasn’t happy teaching), one that would hopefully be viable and make me at least as much as I was making as a teacher. Went with Publix. I took a huge pay cut for the first year and a half, earning less than half of what I was used to. Thankfully there’s a decent sized need for management these days, so I’ve been able to move up in months, not many years. I just had my two year anniversary with Publix in October and I will have made about $54k by the time all is said and done. It’s possible. Got to put in the time and work. Luckily the time required isn’t what it used to be.

  11. Customer service does not move up that quick at all.

  12. True, there are departments that are easier to move up in than others. I recommend produce 😉

  13. I work in GA. Got FT after 4 months. Promoted to APM 11 month later. Now a finalist for PM after 12 months as APM. I’m nothing special. A combination of right time/right place, and there’s a lot of manager turnover here, so a lot of opportunity.

  14. Never worked in Deli, but I can tell you I’ve never thought, “that looks easy. Or fun.”

  15. Click that little red “x” in the top right corner of the browser.

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