1. hi guys just here to remind u thot back was the best uzi leak ever for me : day 1


  3. because 2 many people wear right side up crosses

  4. i will always say this is his best album. tell me a skip

  5. why why why didn’t he change theirrr shoes???? not authentic smh

  6. anfernee simons???? harrison barnes???? jabari smith jr???? come on where is the jerk

  7. everyone hating on watermelon 😰

  8. this looks like an absolute win to me

  9. that dude who posted himself shooting up inna airplane

  10. lucki, lil b, and chief keef on the same album????? 🥹🥹🥹

  11. taquerias in my town sell em for 3$ 😐

  12. I miss Pierre in the background getting hyped lowkey 😂 it’s Fire tho

  13. this was me for the playstation snippet

  14. I shouldn’t have to put (joke) in every ironic post I make

  15. i think they just braces grills like bladee had

  16. best bladee album to this day

  17. and where is the paul god smh

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