1. Anywhere else in the 'western' world, Biden would be a boring centrist

  2. I’m still of the belief that even if good deeds are done for attention seeking reason, they’re still a overall net positive

  3. Also it’s more than that. He is funding the charity with his views and content. By virtue of filming and farming likes with it, his charity is self sustaining

  4. Kids these days have gone all soft. Give em a pickaxe and a pack of smokes, that’ll put hair on their little chests

  5. I like that one with everything is equally useless without 2 specific use cases

  6. I took care of my little brothers for two weeks while my parents were on vacation, and I’m sure the only complaint you’d hear if they could talk would be Felix saying I didn’t give enough belly rubs.

  7. Huge breach of ethics and professional boundaries to match with a student who is actively taking your class?

  8. Eh there’s enough wiggle room here. An accidental match or a failure to understand the main purpose of the app. Her responses give her a lot of plausible deniability.

  9. C1 fundamentally changes gameplay. I used her with dragons bane, then death match until her weapon had a rerun. It’s perfectly workable without homa. I have an alhaitham juiced to the absolute moon, the dendro team of the month, and it’s not even close.

  10. EM is the rarest of all main stat types (including elemental goblets) honestly not surprising (especially if you were dumping them before we had our first EM hyper carry; kazuha). I’m in the same boat.

  11. Hu Tao. Her artifacts are pretty nuts but it’s a 2-2 because I got an insane helmet (wanderer). But in an effort to swap over to 4 piece cw, I spent an entire patch in the domain, plus I’ve done about 10 full conversions to the set total. No upgrades.

  12. “Get fucked” -every boss to me when I just need to hit 3 drops in 1 of 5 if my final runs for a character.

  13. “___, my devout satanist colleague? I didn’t know you accepted practicing satanists at bible study.”

  14. “Give me half the cup sliced vertically and you can have 20 minutes of my time”

  15. Finding any family doctor is going to be extremely difficult right now. They’re in extremely short supply, and all my friends who are looking can’t find any with vacancy.

  16. You’re going to struggle to earn anything decent if you can’t work at least lunch or dinner. A regular 9-5 makes that exceedingly difficult. Weekends will be good money though

  17. Dinners around 5 no? Soon as I get off work I'll just go online and do whatever orders look worth

  18. I’d say dinner is 5:30-7:30 but I assumed you’d have a commute time home and want to shower/change. But if you’re going online straight from work it’ll be pretty decent.

  19. Magic the gathering. Hang out in a card shop at ask questions. My magic group also plays a lot of board games.

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