1. Any with a heat pump would be better. Teslas in 2021 and later have them.

  2. I feel like I’ve been mislead. I thought heat pumps were only useful in moderately cold conditions (30-60F), not extreme cold.

  3. Lol meanwhile when I was in school we dressed as hot box dancers for guys and dolls and wore yellow face for the king and I 😬😬😬😬😬

  4. My high school did the producers and had students dancing on stage with swastikas. This was 2009.

  5. More casual, but if it's an afternoon date, Raleigh's is always fun, especially if you can snag a seat near the fire pits. There's bocce too, it's very laid back and low pressure.

  6. Powell has explicitly said that housing costs have to come down. That means more rate hikes IMO.

  7. I agree. Something tells me he doesn't care if we fall into a recession––monetary policy is only useful if it's paired with fiscal policy. Congress is going to be forced into not being a bunch of nubs or risk crippling the economy.

  8. It should only be 25-28% but people are paying more just to be able to live somewhere. The difference will probably be pulled from any savings they may try to accumulate.

  9. I budget 30% with utilities. YMMV. Everything is a suggestion and we all live different lives and have different priorities.

  10. I’m just talking about rent not total expenses which is an altogether different percentage.

  11. There are a few things that would really speed up the exodus from the south and sunbelt to get people back to the great lakes.

  12. Nope, I meant splatter. Oil splatter on the windshield/cowling as an indicator of an oil leak in the prop system.

  13. Not really, depends on the size of the leak and splatter. If you pull the prop lever and you get a whole oil slick you've got a problem. If you pull it and get a couple drops at the base of the windshield you've got an upcoming expense.

  14. The boring middle is boring. I'm just starting out and have a long way to go, how have y'all been dealing with it?

  15. I have lots of girl friends who identify as bi but when asked about dating women cringe (but then complain about dating men because “they’re all awful”).

  16. One of the reasons I'm glad my company has a no Prod changes on Friday policy. (Unless of course we are fixing a critical issue)

  17. Policies like these seem to make sense but I think they just make transparent poor process. If your tests, reviewers, and on-call aren’t set up to deal with things easily enough on Friday, they need fixed. You’re leaving an entire day of the week of deployments on the table.

  18. So I grew up in the Ohio valley, and actually love dicarlos, though it's admittedly not for everyone, especially if you don't know what exactly it is. That being said, everyone back home calls it ohio valley style, but more often than not they just say they're getting dicarlos...because it's the only place I'm aware of that serves this style. The only exception is a place in Elm Grove, and it used to be dicarlos

  19. I don’t get the stock buybacks. I keep reading from oil workers that they have a labor shortage. Would make sense to increase pay to bring in new workers and keep old ones happy.

  20. I dont think Mike DeWine looks like much of a drinker, but I could be wrong

  21. I’d like to think we could do a case race with a Governor/Lt Governor combo and Husted would pull the team.

  22. You and me both. I'm ok with the AC on 80-82 in the summer, but in the winter, the heat never goes lower than 70-71. My life is too short to be shivering all the time.

  23. I’m the exact opposite. I can always put more clothes on—only so many I can take off.

  24. I like the comment that points out that she's actually a decently well-known artist herself, Ellen Grossman.

  25. I do. Im pretty sure it reduces the number of matches I get from women (men don’t seem to mind) but if they’ve got an issue with bisexuality, then better to know before any match is made

  26. I’d love to see a study on how it empirically alters your match count. I’ve noticed the same.

  27. I know there was a study that found the majority of women would not date bi men. It was a small majority if I remember right 60% of something but still a majority.

  28. Purely anecdotal, but I lived in Ohio the first 22 years of my life and have now lived in several other states on the coasts and it seems to me that Ohio was the most subdued of them all.

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