1. I have never seen “garlic breath” from riviera creek…. Is this new?

  2. Typo meant garlic cookies 😂

  3. EPBC and Dual OG are both fire and I try to get either if I can find them in artifact. I just recently copped their lilac diesel artifact jar and it’s now a fight between EPBC and the diesel. If you can swoop the lilac don’t miss out

  4. Just picked up an artifact Jar 5.66 of Lilac Diesel from galenas that weighs 6.1 it’s one nug. And same day purchase of Zweet insanity 5.66 by ancients roots weighed out 5.9 ! Was super hyped

  5. One of my favorites. Top ohio dispo strain

  6. columbia care is impossible to get in at with there time slot reservations being 30 mins and they probably won’t have any by the time you put an order in. Walking in at columbia care would be pointless if they are even accepting walk ins now. definitely think bloom is worth the extra drive for the appropriate patient attention

  7. Dog I have always walked into Columbia care and I have never pre placed an order and it’s always been like any other dispensary 😂 so I’d beg to differ. Go to bloom and Columbia care and decide for yourself. I bet I know which you’d choose lol

  8. I’ve gone to both for 2 years. finally stopped going to columbia care because it takes forever to get in and out and you have to have a 30 min time slot for a pickup, if you don’t get it in that time it gets cancelled. when at bloom you place an online order they hold it all day for you so you can come at your own convenience. I’ve never had 1 budtender at columbia care talk terpenes, cannabinoids, etc… Yet at bloom I get this most times. columbia care has also been known to mess up peoples days and orders… hence why they can’t stay 1 company… strawberry fields, then columbia care, now just bought by cresco… i think all that speaks for itself 😅😂

  9. Yeah your experience sounds terrible compared to mine as I would say mines the complete opposite. Columbia care is my favorite dispo in the cincy region by far just wish it was a little closer. Zen leaf would be my runner up. I don’t have anything bad to say about bloom I just don’t visit it because the flower selection is usually much smaller than others

  10. Yeah I’ve this is the latest strain I’ve tried from woodward. (grapehead, animal face, animal mints, true og, blueberry cheesecake, sunshine sherbet) out of all of these grapehead is still number 1 to me but this is now my second favorite strain from them ! Low THC but the terps and flavor and smell are smacking! Everything they put out is fire though 😂

  11. Woodward just stays killing it. Grapehead is my favorite strain in OHIO. It’s the only strain that when it drops I go grab it before it’s gone

  12. This is definetly sweet Rylando. Both are Durban poison x rainmaker x gg4. Exact same strain lineage and same terp profile with very high total Terps. Sweet Rylando was the first strain I tried almost 3years ago from them so I know it’s been around for a few years at least like you mentioned.

  13. They have “sweet rylando 3” and “Zsweet insanity” for sale right now so I’d have to say they must be different in some way. They actually just had original “sweet rylando” drop a few weeks ago aswell

  14. I have to agree this list is pretty spot on with my favorite growers in ohio although I think ancients roots should definitely be added to this list although even if they were I’d still vote for Woodward cause it’s Top Shelf Consistency every single time from every strain I have tried.

  15. Almost positive this last batch of garlic cookies they announced they would not be restocking it. So I’m not sure. I really hope not because it’s one of my favorite strains but if you search a few recent post you’ll find it

  16. That’s insane lol. It’s going for $80 in monroe

  17. I was Very disappointed with price of this strain .. I see this strain all day on the black market for 100 -150 a oz .. just to expensive ( Ive got it from the dispo ,then seen it on the black market ) so I 100 percent know this strain I’m not guessing .

  18. Yeah the price isn’t the best but this is definitely a top strain from this grower. I HIGHLY doubt the garlic cookies your copping on the street for 100/oz is even close this quality lol

  19. Idk if you’ve seen lately but since it’s been legal here the bud quality on the streets has went up and the price has went down .. it’s funny because I had the exact same strain . Same exact bud not just a form of garlic cookies ..

  20. Well duh lol I’m not gonna pay Homie down the street MORE for the same thing I can buy at the store….lol that wouldn’t really make sense but what your saying is that this exact grower is selling black market garlic cookies For $100 an oz because you know without a doubt it is this growers strain just seems a little far fetched

  21. Thanks for the info I went ahead and messaged their insta last night and they read it and haven’t replied back….yet. At the very least I hope the message is passed down to the right people so action is taken because if it happens again being shorted by AR then I will never make a purchase from them again unfortunately. Although at this point I’m going to start weighing all my shit regardless of the cultivator (which is whack as fuck).

  22. Lol I do not want to go back to scaling every damn thing I buy. The shitty part is it's probably easier to get a refund from your plug.

  23. Well first of all it’d get weighed in front of me and if it didn’t I’d for sure be calling right away like “yo my guy you waxed me on the bag” and he’d make it right lol. 😂 I figured i would have atleast got a response from AR by now addressing it

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