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  1. I have trouble finding ANY listings for F. Its quite bullshit.

  2. I’ve just bought one and chopping tomorrow anyway advise on how to use?

  3. I always do a wet chop. Just cut off larger fan leaves. I fill the tray about 1/3-1/2 full then do like 15 spins each way. It will look like 90% as good as hand trimmed once dry. It’s one of my favorite purchases. Cut time down from like 4 hours+ per plant down to like 45-60 minutes.

  4. Depends on how he's doing it. Personally I'd use a Halligan tool.

  5. I’ve never seen a technique with an axe that is effective at all. But yeah, halligan is the way to go.

  6. It's on a car where the door is likely made of carbon fiber or fiberglass, not steel or aluminum. I can tell you from similar experience that axes are very effective against fiber/resin combos like this.

  7. I noticed on my first DWC run it seemed a little slow until the roots started really making their way into the water and the growth just exploded.

  8. Enlighten me as to which part I’m denying? My house payment sans the payment part I could afford on minimum wage. (Aka taxes and insurance)

  9. Some people have other expenses than just the house. Also when life throws a few curveballs your way it can massively fuck you financially. Also, you’re not as smart as you think you are.

  10. Thank you! I definitely did not remember… couldn’t recall if the space gray back was 5 or 5S

  11. The home button was also a different design because the 5s brought in touch id. I think…

  12. That damn beacon murdered all Bluetooth connection. I couldn't play music in my car. I ripped it off my window one day and chucked it out over a river . I switched to my wife's Nationwide Insurance and they just use an app. Drive nicely for 6 months and the discount is locked in.

  13. That’s strange. Must have been some weird Bluetooth limitation with your head unit. I have used them in 3 cars (17 sierra, 20 terrain, and a 22 ram) and basically forgot they were there. No issues with Bluetooth connections.

  14. Not long ago I broke my hand and once I got some pins put in they gave me a bunch of norco, I don’t want anything to do with opiates for a few reasons. I took a few but didn’t like them

  15. On top of this, maybe a bar in the store. I’m not joking about this. Anytime I go to Mariano’s I get a beer or so and take my time there. I always end up spending way more money than I wanted to because I’m all loosey goosey on that goof juice.

  16. No, because I'm not paying $6.49/lb for broccoli and noodles. If you assign $2 per lb for the vegetables and $.50 for the noodles, you're paying about $20/lb for chicken, and I'm not that stupid.

  17. I’m paying for the convenience. It’s still cheaper than ordering out and the wife and I can usually make it stretch more than one meal. But even when I’m making stir fry at home it ends up costing like $30.

  18. When I went outdoor I got thrips. Bought a cheap bottle of insecticidal soap from Home Depot. Worked wonders.

  19. I highly doubt whatever cluster fuck of motors/rods they use to make this work will last more than 2 holidays.

  20. Also, how often does one need to adjust the size of your tree. Interesting idea, but I just don’t see how it’s useful at all. You you’ll just buy the correct sized tree for the room for probably a fraction of the cost of this.

  21. Do i water the 15liter soil pots before i pot the seeds? If so, where do i water and how much?

  22. There’s quite a few methods and everyone will tell you their way is the only way. I’ve had great luck with pouring about a shot glass full of water in the middle of the pot, then putting the seed in a small hole about .75 of an inch deep, cover loosely with soil. Usually in about 3-4 days you should see sprouts.

  23. And with the shot glass thing you just didnt water the edges of your big pots? Leave them completely dry? Think im gonna give this a shot

  24. No. There’s no reason to make the pot sopping wet. There’s no roots to suck up that water. Plant roots still need oxygen, which is why you want the soil to dry before you water again. Especially when the plant is so little there’s not much work to be done. You probably won’t need to water again for like 3-4 days.

  25. So many people aren't believing you but my wife would never notice either. Unless you have someone like this in your life, I guess it's hard to accept that they exist.

  26. I complained that my wife didn’t notice something on the ceiling once. She told me she doesn’t usually look up. I’m still trying to process that one.

  27. Ditto healthcare. Healthcare workers could be tested and fired at any time. Looking forward to indulging when I retire.

  28. Not all of them. I can think of more than a few fire departments that are allowing it.

  29. Might be a lil more beastly than needed, but I recently had a stereo integrity SQL-12 in a small sealed box. Sound incredible and could take a beating. Current pricing on the 12 inch is $239.99. I don’t think you’re gonna find a person out there who says something bad about these woofers.

  30. Looks absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t stand trim jail so I invested in a bowl trimmer. A lot of people on this sub hate them, but I absolutely love mine, and I can chop and trim a whole plant in less than an hour.

  31. Yo! I was coming to recommend the bowl trimmer, I got one off Amazon, some of the best money I’ve spent on growing buds. Getting a bowl trimmer. It’ll take your 8 hour trim jail and turn it into 30mins-1hr.

  32. I’ve brought them up before and got roasted by plenty of people saying it will ruin your weed and knock all the best trichomes off and blah blah. I’d say it looks 90% as good as regular hand trimmed and I will never notice “the best” trichomes being knocked off. Plus it just falls into the trim, which still gets used for stuff. Growing is a hobby to me, trim jail is a chore.

  33. there’s not a finite supply in the world lol stop being a party pooper

  34. If one of these dudes has a plant or two, they probably have a comical amount of weed. This is my “problem” my friends can’t even keep up with how much I give them. I end up doing silly stuff with all the excess.

  35. Someone had excess money to spend on that. And here I am getting my soul sucked out of my body every day to barely make enough to get by.

  36. I absolutely loathe pickles. But I’m not a shit head about it. A common thing I notice when I ask for something without pickles is that they will often still plate the dish with pickles and then remove them. The pickle juice gets into the bread or into the fries and just ruins it for me. I have dropped the line once or twice that I have an allergy at a place I enjoy but they always seem to fuck up with the pickles even though I asked nicely for no pickle. The wait staff will give me the look of “you’re full of shit, but there’s nothing I can say right now” I dislike having to lie like that, but it avoids me having to send the dish back and wait for a new one.

  37. My house burned down and my pet died, better hop and Reddit and tell strangers to smoke some extra weed

  38. Some people deal with grief differently and need someone, anyone, to give them a bit of support. It’s not much different than hopping on Facebook and posting that your grandpa died.

  39. Pretty sure that’s just from the heat of the fire in the engine bay. Looks exactly like basically every car fire I have ever responded to. If you want I can show my coworker, she’s a fire investigator - but I’m pretty sure she’ll agree with me.

  40. Man Ive ripped on Smash Mouth a fair amount. Then the other day this song came on the radio, with an intro I was really into with a great organ riff...

  41. Alright so I started playing smash mouth radio at work a lot to be funny. I realized I found myself unironically enjoying smash mouth. I then looked up their early album “fush yu mang” and realized it’s a bad ass album. Solid mix of rock and punk. Now I actually really like smash mouth.

  42. Here's the thing- your knee jerk reaction is to "add something."

  43. For quite some time I was just as guilty with the knee jerk, and i never killed a plant but I’ve burned them really bad. Heres a way you are guaranteed not to screw up:

  44. 3-5 gallon fabric pots. I used the medium amount for feeding. 2 tbsp/ gallon of grow dots.

  45. Chiropractor: yeah you’re all messed up, I’ll sign you up for 2 a week and maybe someday you’ll feel better

  46. I found myself at a chiro once or twice for separate reasons that aren’t interesting. Both of them wanted to see me 3 times a week for like 4 months then maybe could drop to twice a week. The very few sessions I let them do were absolute nonsense as well. Also I work with a guy who now only eats boiled chicken because his chiropractor says everything else is the root of every problem in his life, two years later he still has all the same problems but his chiropractor “does miracles” the guy also actually believes he is going to be raptured soon.

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