1. Can't believe the same dress was destroyed by Kim Kardashian. You have to be some kind of evil to destroy a historic piece of clothing

  2. calling her evil for damaging a dress is a huge stretch lol

  3. Damn Nick is lucky to have been a Kanye fan for so long. I really doubt he would have been beside Kanye if he wasn’t.

  4. His heart attack was after “nobody” was filmed

  5. they mean that already being in shape helped him recover from the heart attack

  6. I keep coming back to this video it's too funny

  7. her eyes look pulled back too, with the foxy look that is trendy now

  8. why is everything thong-themed lately 😭😭

  9. there is not a day in which I don't hear Te Felicito playing in my neighbourhood and its been like 5 months since the release. Mfs making her the soundtrack of my life.

  10. Not only did he pick his boogers multiple times there are clips of him eating it too. Booger Nick has a refined palette.

  11. These comments are filled with the most vile racist shit I’ve seen in a while. Probably good that these groypers are too stupid to play the optics game 💀

  12. would it even matter if they played the optics game? sneako could get called the n word to his face by those people and still dick ride

  13. this is actualy how The boys ends. i raed the comic

  14. Ay wtf spoilers!?!??!??!

  15. honestly a fire fit frfr 🔥

  16. Natty. A lot of people forget she's only 5'3", on a good day.

  17. Omg do y'all think she'll FINALLY drop her ex-husband's last name?

  18. okay this is actually so weird lmao i had no idea

  19. me when an inanimate object starts chasing me (I'm on datura)

  20. Just eat regular oats so you can actually enjoy them, then down a protein shake after.

  21. extra calories in the milk for the shake (if you drink protein shakes with water you are subhuman)

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