1. They do a variety of trade strategies. The main guys Tom and Tony are old school market makers from the early CBOE days. So they mainly try to stay delta zero or a small bit long or short depending on market conditions.

  2. Not very good, Russia does it too. It just dumb artery rounds. There just too much AA to get close enough for them to be affective.

  3. They have to have Jones & Friends. If Tom does it they will have to call it Tom & Friend. :)p

  4. Agree with the piece of shit comments I’m afraid. Alcohol is also legal but if my husband prioritised that over me and the kids he would be gone.

  5. Just leave it were it is. You already stated you don't want assignment and you made your choice on your risk parameters to roll out and down. The market just did a bear market pop here. Don't expect any bull action soon. There is lots of play to the down side here.

  6. Only lost 5% of my total portfolio, but it’s the fact that i became what i hate most

  7. Now you can go to the smooth brain side of WSB and post your loss and claim your 1k karma as they drool over it. It will take a bit as they all share one brain cell over there.

  8. But to what level? Did he say? What is the point he would feel justifies money printer resume?

  9. He will never give a level or number that would be killer to the market. He has only stated that if things get dicey he no issue coming the rescue. Many Q&As he has stated this. The suits have a big line for SPY 340 as that is pre Covid high before zero rates. So that a good indication where the market was before free money was handed out. That will be a hard line to sell past, unless some world event blows it.

  10. So you don't know what JP means then, is what I'm hearing. You don't know if it's $350, $325, $300, $275

  11. He is never going to say, nor will anyone know until it happens. If you do, please share so the rest of us can make a shit load of money. JP will only react when he think it is proper to save the market.

  12. I have many vertical spreads out right now. You have to look at charts and use your own DD on what you think will happen. Also make sure you have your own risk parameters in place. React to a challenge in the position before it gets even near ATM.

  13. I'm wheeling DIS right now selling 30 day 80 puts. That pretty much 2020 crash lows, and looks like a good support line. For long term hold I think this is a good entry point for myself. It sitting in the middle of a 80 to 90 price channel with a downward movement. It's PE still a bit high but the Beta is 1.2 which shows there good value here. If assigned I'll be selling covered calls on it. So for the put prems have been nice profits.

  14. Someone sell this as a poster, OMG this is great! I'll take 5.

  15. Good point. I think TSLA is seen as its own beast right now and while it can still act as a drag or a spark, it no longer has the firepower to bring down the indexes

  16. The only good value for TSLA is the BETA is below 2 now and around 1.8 which making it a solid buy about now. Here's to a nice V bounce. Or Wendy's would you like fries with that?

  17. If you don't want to own the stock then pass on the selling the put. I did a buy write at 110 today thinking there was support here. Nope, the algos are just dumping all over this. I should have waited to see volume support kick in. Either way for 3 days I got 450 bucks on the short call. The big whales a while back bought a shit load of puts. Once they start clearing them out the MM can stop shorting to keep delta 0.

  18. In my opinion, it is an excellent covered strangle candidate.

  19. Yup, I'm running 2 of those, 60p and mid 70s call. Very nice profits. Usually 30 DTE, close 50 to 70% profits.

  20. AMD, I agree with the upgrades they received recently. I bought 200 at 60 a share. I continue to sell 60 puts to increase my holdings with them. Also NVDA at 110 was steal also only picked up 50.

  21. And drink as much Mountain Dew as possible, I hear. :)

  22. If that is true and you have a cash account with buying stocks only you can't get margin called. Your best bet is to call them Monday and get it figured out ASAP. If it is a margin call they will start liquidating positions to satisfy any liquidity issues at their will.

  23. Is there a certain discussion or thread to follow here for the signals? Or any advise, how I can see the signals? :)

  24. Never time the bottom, never works out. If you are long term investing that should not matter. I bought at 86 and 88 after selling during the drop of 128. It pretty much near 2020 crash lows, for me that good enough.

  25. Dude are you nuts. You dated 6 months and got "engaged"? You dodged a bullet what happens if you get married and get injured and she has to take care of you for several months/years is she going to walk?

  26. 100% this. OMG u dodged big. I know it hurts, but move on. She was a gold digger.

  27. SPX is cashed settled while SPY is ETF stock settled. You can make a lot more with SPX, and loss a lot more too.

  28. TastyWorks. Platform built from start to trade options. Even better if your a theta trader like me. Free data, buck to open and free to close. They have a section in the desktop app to see their trades too. Most are good.

  29. Theta trader? What does that mean, that's just a function of an option and not an edge.

  30. Theta trader is an options premium seller. We sell OTM puts and calls and wait for the premium prices to die out while time ticks by. I think it like 80 or 90% of all options expire worthless. So we are on that side of selling the premium to the put and call buyers. We also use option trades like PCS, CCS, short strangles, iron condors, ect.

  31. Sell calls on it, prems not that bad as you can sell 4 of them. What I'm doing on all my down stocks.

  32. Thanks man . I have only done covered calls . How is it different from selling covered put ? Covered pit would be beneficial to me if stock prices goes up correct ?

  33. I was saying selling cash secure puts if you sell some of the stock to free up cash. If you have more cash to cover selling puts you can do that. Yes the CSP puts will go down in value if the underlying stock raises in price. So if the stock is at 130 and you sell a 125 for 3.00 and the stock runs to 140, that put could go down to value of 1.50 let's say. Which you can either let it expire worthless or take 50% profit on it.

  34. Well BAC announced some not so good news on them which caused the dump. But banks usually do pretty good during high fed rates. As long your fine owning the stock at that prices then take it. Now your strike is ITM it going to a lot harder to roll them down and out. You might have to go to Jan to get any credit. Good luck on your choice.

  35. F’s in the chat boys for our fallen hero

  36. It is not a matter of time of day. Generally CSP are sold on red days when stocks are near support levels. CC are sold a green days and at strikes of usual resistance. There's nothing stopping you from selling whenever you want. But generally above statement will give you better premium returns.

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