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  1. And will give an equally dumb as shit take of the man. Real life is stranger than fiction when it comes to the lengths they will use to defend their position

  2. And the left has equally dumb people too. I’m middle ground libertarian and Idgaf what people believe. But there are lots of idiots for all political sides

  3. And for every Jan 6 person you have rioters during blm protests. Both sides are shitty

  4. Y’all foam at the mouth whenever he does anything lol

  5. I'd have to re-download Webtoon. I can't remember why I deleted it. I think they started doing something weird that I didn't like, like you could only read so much or you'd have to pay monthly or something like that. Used to love the comics on there though.

  6. Oh it’s completely free except for a small amount of stories

  7. Oh. Yeah that's probably why. I liked a couple of popular stories and they started that and I couldn't read any more so I probably deleted out of frustration lol

  8. Luckily you don’t need an account to read stories through the link

  9. I would love for them to “finish them rightly.” For those who don’t know, in a few medieval combat manuscripts they show that a knight or fighter would unscrew the pommel on their sword and then just fucking yeet it at the other persons skull

  10. I’ve only shot a mossberg but I wanna try a Remington eventually

  11. I’ve only tried once and it was kinda sweet and salty tbh. It’s not what you expect.

  12. I’d say it’s good. Although take it from someone who also had a weird starting aeg. It’s nice to have something different but an m4 can be customized to be something unique while having more aftermarket support. But this is still a good starter so I could say you will probably be a happy with either

  13. I tried that and still have more viewers than I have subscribers which it did not work that much

  14. Yeah it’s hard to get subscribers for me too. I have 2,000+ reads but about 50+ subs.

  15. Somehow your second part of the comment didn't show up at first - that's definitely a great idea in regards to the Paris subreddits. I'm definitely going to try some promoting like that. Thanks again - don't know why I didn't think of that before!

  16. Of course! Good luck with your story!

  17. There is a great video where Kamikoto knives are tested and they are found to not stay sharp at all. They are made with soft cheap steel and charge way more and perform worse than a cheap old kitchen knife for like a fraction of the cost

  18. If I met another top I would probably just find stuff to do that isn’t butt stuff. Like chess or L4D2 or something

  19. I’m gonna be honest this looks cool and I want it

  20. The Lego noise at the end lol

  21. They shot a good dog, they shot my boy, my only son, my pride and joy. They shot my wife dead on the floor, holding our baby in the cabin door.

  22. Clearly a racist monster who deserved it /s

  23. No, he knew a guy who knew someone involved with the aryan nation members. That’s like saying I know a person who knows a murderer so I am a murderer

  24. I met Roger bumpass (squidward) at a convention. He was great. I accidentally said “I used to love the show” instead of “I used to watch the show all the time as a kid” and I still feel like a dick about it

  25. I’m a bi guy and that is my taste lol

  26. Yes because injuring the animal is humane and is the true reason people hunt, to hurt animals. People are fucking dumbasses. Also they don’t want the middle and lower class to have guns because anyone who isn’t rich is scary and dangerous

  27. Hi! I would love to do this project:

  28. The 110 auto is something I’ve had my eye on. Dad has a classic 110 and I love the knife, but there’s the appeal of an auto to get one handed opening that piques my curiosity.

  29. I want to get a more practical switchblade eventually. I have an Italian stiletto but it isn’t really a user lol

  30. I have a Microtech Ultratech Hellhound that is a user/beater, so I have something I like, but I think the 110 auto would be a nice toy and gifting knife in the future.

  31. I have a lightning otf elite that I need to pick up. The first one I got was a lemon so hopefully this one should work. Otf knives are fun

  32. Bro almost every single major country is on native land. Even remote tribes in the middle of nowhere in the jungles stole land from eachother. It’s horrible what happened to native people but pretty much every major country stole native land from others

  33. Why do bubbas camp so much? I occasionally play as him and I just don’t get it

  34. He has been stabbed, cut, burned, blasted with shotguns, rifles, 357 magnum revolvers. I don’t think he would have too big of a problem with a .38 snub nose

  35. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/devil-went-down-to-vegas/things-to-come-guest-episode/viewer?title_no=728151&episode_no=40

  36. I love to do character design so I would love to do this commission for you! Here is a link to my deviant art page:

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