1. He seems to have landed on his blood rather than bones. A veteran move.

  2. Coshida Pure Taste is the most cost effective, quality cat food that I've found. Sold in Lidl. 60% meat, no derivitaves or added sugar. 8, 85g sachets for £2.39.

  3. The co-operative users want to join a co-operative, makes sense to me.

  4. Shit on the knife, stab the trex from inside my hut, wait for sepsis.

  5. Aside from the reusable match which can screw tightly shut, the rest of these lighters evaporate off their fuel if left sitting for about a week or two. If they're in constant use they're very cool, but if not, go butane.

  6. Also please take calcium and vitamin d supplements. Vitamin d aids in absorbing the calcium.

  7. You need some K2 in there also, nothing is ever simple.

  8. And is a guillotine for anything that connects with it at the front.

  9. The cheapest HOCL spray from Amazon will help the skin heal. Once you have unbroken skin invest in some silicone scar patches - they make the colour and texture of the scar very close to normal skin in my experience.

  10. Charging more for pink razors and other needlessly gendered consumables, because women are willing to spend more on grooming products, is a good example of this already being the case.

  11. No, the above picture is a dyed set of pig lungs. A smokers lungs do not turn black, but smoking is terrible for you and your lungs will get gummed up with tar and other carcinogens.

  12. I won't second guess the man but it's hard not to think denying the Russians their primary logistical route for war material and supplies should be an immediate priority.

  13. Its how all the Russian citizens that moved into Crimea are moving back out, but beyond that you do wonder why it's not a bigger priority.

  14. I'd oil them and frame them alongside a picture of your grandfather when he was your age. But that's just me.

  15. Artillery currently accounts for 70% of those wounded or killed in the war in Ukraine. Ukraine surpassing Russia in artillery shots fired is a huge deal.

  16. Exactly. This is the perfect fight for Tyson i.e. light work / big money.

  17. It's exactly like that. The queue of fans saying "But Conor can hit hard!". It doesn't matter if you can't land anything.

  18. Working overtime to make the box smell like cat again and not garlic

  19. I feel exactly the same way.

  20. It's a massive problem in the UK, specifically in London. 1 in 5 child deaths is related to Pakistani couples being related.

  21. On a large enough scale, nothing matters. You won't know you existed, but nor will you care.

  22. Other than your VR area there doesn't appear to be anything that is soft or irregular or warm to the touch. It's all dark, hard, cold, straight surfaces. Including the leather even. Adding things with soft edges like plants, material etc will take some of the harshness away.

  23. It boggles my mind that Republicans no longer hate Russia like they did almost my entire life.

  24. From an outside perspective it's hard to believe that pro Russian Americans aren't on Russias payroll. They're saying and doing everything a Russian asset would.

  25. I would just have heard Raphael's Final Act.. Very fucked.

  26. If you have a court order stipulating 50/50 shared care advise the CMS of that and upload a copy of it. They go off of your current situation though so if the receiving parent isn't letting you see the kids at all and you actually tell the CMS that, your court order now isn't worth anything. If you would like to assert that the receiving parent is not the primary carer you will need to get Child Benefit in payment to yourself.

  27. Listening to some twat talk politics over it didn't make me smile.

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