1. The idea that you are the free-est of the free is definitely a strong motivator to keep towing the line. The majority of Americans are by some degree, under the thumbs of the ultra-rich. They manipulate our economy, they prey on our fears, they keep us fighting each other so we pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

  2. He's a millionaire at that point, I'm sure it barely elicited a chuckle.

  3. You’re wasting money on the tincture in this program. It is absolutely garbage.Plenty of places like Tweedle Farms and Lazarus Naturals that sell legitimate full spectrum CBD tincture online at a third of the cost. Go get you some real medicine not the junk in this program.

  4. So, Lazarus Naturals sells full spectrum CBD for $40 for a 1500mg bottle, that's 2.6¢/mg, and I have to take their word for it being legit, because outside of programs like Ohio's program, CBD is virtually unregulated... When I buy One Orijin, on sale, it's $30 for a 2100mg bottle, that's 1.4¢/mg for tested, tracked and pharmaceutically verified product.

  5. It does work for me, but I don’t get as much benefits as I did when I started this program. They are there but mostly muted now, and I have to get high to get these benefits— it never used to be that way. I used to micro dose believe it or not, not be high, and get full relief. I blame it on tolerance which is mostly my fault. I was not educated on carts and tolerance until recently. I medicate for the same reasons you do.

  6. Also, mix CBD into your routine, it will essentially cancel our some of the high, allowing you to get relief without getting too "stoned", should get you back in the neighborhood of sobriety.

  7. Is the rso coming out of that black capsule? Idk what I'm seeing lol. Eat some fatty foods to kick that in!

  8. They squirted it on parchment paper and froze it, if you look close you can see the frosting on the main glob, then that glob will pop off the paper and can be swallowed like a pill.

  9. That's a lot to let dissolve under your tongue, you'd have that taste in your mouth for a week 😂 but hey, if it works for you.

  10. In our program, cart potency is capped at 77%, and total single day THC content for a cart is capped at 590mg., .84g is the neighborhood that those numbers line up. A 1g cart at 77% would be 770mg THC and based on the regulations of the program, kick it into two days.

  11. It’s inconsistent, though. I was going to get a 1g of 58% AR rosin this week but it cost 2 days. So even if it’s within the daily THC amount, it won’t necessarily transfer into “days” very well. The budtender said that because it’s a gram, it automatically takes 2 days? That didn’t make much sense to me. 1000mg x 58% is 580mg; based solely on that it should only be 1 day. Just another annoying aspect of Ohio’s program.

  12. Yeah, definitely some incongruity in the regulations for sure.

  13. There are plenty of non-virgins out there that don't know where the clitoris is.

  14. That foundation is so good it blurs the text on it's own bottle!

  15. I feel like he's watching Toby's hand, the following gentle hammer fist to her knee, almost like he was trying to reel back the last few seconds, was nearly as awkward as the grab.

  16. So, you essentially have two options, keep climbing, or take a break. Taking a break will let your tolerance drop, but truthfully, I don't think it ever goes all the way back down.

  17. RSO = Rick Simpson Oil, FECO = Full Extract Cannabis Oil, essentially the same product, extracted through different procedures. RSO uses solvent extraction, FECO CO2 I believe. they are highly concentrated, full spectrum, fully activated forms of cannabis, in the form of an oil about the consistency of honey. (for more details, hit up google, it can explain it better than me)

  18. Toby is green screened/photoshopped into that image anyways.

  19. First thing I would recommend is a journal for tracking her use. Strains, THC concentration, terp profile and most importantly, how it makes her feel. I cannot stress enough how differently everyone's cannabinoid system responds to different things. I suffer from severe anxiety, but what part of cannabis triggers it for me is unusual, which I only figured out through journaling and tracking my stuff.

  20. Perhaps the pink office was a hyper-femininity gesture signaling her need for an alpha male jackhammer.

  21. I'm definitely Chidi, sticking to my "principles" despite driving everyone around me nuts, overthinking everything.

  22. I have a theory that Janet represents the concept of free will in a weird meta-recursive way, so them choosing their alignment tracks for me.

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