1. Cute little guy looks like he sorry

  2. Glad to see they are okay. What a shame, the lady probably shit her pants though!

  3. She looks like she will come close maybe more. Nice grow as well and I believe they will swell up a little more.

  4. I’ll gladly test her for ya, nice job

  5. I had to check out your page soon as I seen your screen name lmao. Where can I cop that from?

  6. Your probably feeling amazing rn. If you have a firestick, look for a movie called Levels. Be prepared lol

  7. I keep mine under my hat, this is all wrong 😑

  8. Nice! How much do you have left? Just curious

  9. Sucking in some clouds! Nothing wrong with that. Matter of fact…..twisting up rn

  10. Yo, where can I get that done. Mud flaps look dope!

  11. They passed that No Knock Warrant law so I wouldn’t answer either

  12. What does a no-knock warrant law have to do with this? If they give you a legitimate chance to answer, it’s not a no-knock warrant. If you don’t open the door, they’ll kick it in.

  13. Only if they see movement in the residence.

  14. Amazon, look up Mars Hydro or Spider Farmer, they both sell complete tents. Same with AC Infinity which I use. Then read growweedeasy.com and you should have all the information you need.

  15. What’s your source? I been on it for years. I am bipolar as fuck and would love a solution

  16. I would love some new genetics to play with. I seen that Apples and Bananas pack, very nice smoke!

  17. I was on 1mg 3 times a day or as needed for years. I built a tolerance even taking them as prescribed. So my dumb ass decided to step my game up and grab kpacks. That led me to taking close to 4-8 bars a day not knowing what’s in them. Now under drs care and down to taking a light dose of Valium and tapper off.

  18. Looks good, mine went almost 100 days if I remember correctly.

  19. The longer it takes the better 🤷‍♂️ hoping for a lot of weight from this girl

  20. They do end up big, good luck bud!

  21. I love seeing these videos of gym rats and influencers……please no more. I swear I will break out my oversized shoulder VHS camera and piss everyone off! Carting that thing around is a workout itself lol

  22. This one is still curing, I did try a few testers and was pleased. Very smooth smoke, very heady high

  23. Where I am in Oregon must be the most expensive place to grocery shop. The last jar of mayo I bought was 12.49. How hard is it to make homemade mayo?

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