1. So, Ive emailed a few of my, more favoured LPs, etc. Ive passed on much deserved appreciation and praise for hard work and dedication, etc. This is one package Ive received. From a rep @ BC Black. Their team was overjoyed with my email, and a decent package was put together, as you can see in the pics. Included was a jar of the reps own home grown via Nelson BC. Its a jar of E85 strain. As you can also see its been WELL cared for! Im sure not many reps out there would do same..or even come close. I cant state my overwhelming satisfaction with the entire transaction, and am proud to say I support this company, and its micro cultivators products (as I do in my reviews).

  2. How was the high? Was taking about grabbing this and their Mac-1 tomorrow

  3. The buzz is very balanced. Not racey..not couchlocking..gives ya a small boost of energy then slowly lays you down for a nap after a few bowls.

  4. I like this idea. Make Titans into Oni well done

  5. Honestly it’s worth it I don’t think I’ve ever had something like that very unique experience

  6. What you said there makes me want to try them. That, and the do look yummy.

  7. The taste alone is very unique, I can’t think of a time where I’ve had an edible as luxuriously put together and crafted as this. When they put it together you can tell, every flavour note was carefully thought out, along with the mouth feel and how it all combines together, to create one overall joyful experience. You’re so over joyed by what your tasting you forget you just ate an edible,by the time you remember it’s like you’ve had a beer, it’s very pleasant.

  8. I find it to be a very balanced high. Not racey, but energetic enough, immobilizing, but not to the point of couch lock.

  9. Its been available in BC ( i believe) for awhile.

  10. Smokes smooth. I havent quite pinpointed the taste fully. Kinda like honey..but the kind of honey taste you get in Baklava...not straight honey..if that makes sense. Lol

  11. The smoke is nice and smooth...a light taste of buttered pastry. Good long mellow buzz!

  12. Was unsure what to expect. Strange but nice sweet smell. Smokes alright. Taste a lil undercured

  13. That smell is off the hook for an indica! Reminds me of a fresh exotic fruit tray!

  14. Is the smell and taste as pronounced as there wedding pie or animal mints

  15. I found it to be more smell than AM..but not as tasty

  16. Fyi..the Maple kush should have brownish tinges, thats the syrup flavour. Lol

  17. Dunesberry Farms for sure! It tastes like oreo mint cake.

  18. How exactly are you allergic to terpenes? Which kind? Botanical terpenes, terpenes naturally present in cannabis? Can you smoke flower of different types? What kind of reaction did you have? Your answers will help us determine what help to give

  19. Your entire rant shows how little you understand how cannabis is tested and that all these numbers are absolute bullshit. Non of this testing is random, which is the only accurate way to classify any sample. These LPs pick the best nug they can find, and then the lab snips off the most trichome dense piece of that sample to get these numbers. The labs test multiple times and then the LP reports the highest test numbers they can. It's all bullshit because the LP wants the highest results possible, and the lab wants to produce the highest results possible because if they don't, the LP won't use that lab anymore.

  20. Lol. Ok...I wont debate about LPs paying more for this cut, that pheno, ababababababa. Everything, everywhere is tested for top %'s. Cars, phones etc. Inconsistencies, yes, sure, wont argue that, based on the assumption human error is a factor, and not based on the fact that, if it was tested for high end, that there is a low end thats not presented transparently to us, and also, a larger % of ppl will be ignorant of this fact (as you may or may not be).

  21. Its a joke. Theres always an arguement about the terps % being fake...except on certain LPs..the pricey ones..ppl dont argue. Its the same as saying Nike is the best shoe because you pay more. I dont doubt every person that sticks to those certain LPs will downvote me. Idc. Lol

  22. I grabbed the Eggnug. Its full of budrot! Will repost with pics tonight. I love their Orange cake and banana...but this new stuffs...idk... edit. After seeing your 2nd pic..second nug up..trim leaf at top...looks like you have some too.

  23. Grabbed it last night……. This is pretty powerful flower from the price. Woke up a little groggy this morning from my bed time dewbie

  24. Right! I thought it was just me..but it does leave ya groggy!

  25. Its not bad smoke at all. Short count sucks for sure.

  26. I definitely would have shared, or left a doobie with his milk n cookie. Lol

  27. Okay wow, what can I say here other then this is the mark. This is what I expect from the legal cannabis industry, just wow I’m amazed, honestly I’m stunned. I’ve smoked cannabis for a while now, and have indulged in my fair share of products from the rec market. This tops every single one, the smells on this are fantastic, it comes off somewhat funky smelling but brings you back in with this noise tingling sweet fuel smell. It has such a unique nose to it and that smell comes through in the smoke, a little sweet with lots of funk. The high is incredible, absolutely fantastic and extremely potent, I found this to be by far the most potent flower I’ve had from the OCS. I had the first batch of FCF in the 3.5 jars and found it to be mediocre at best. I really prefer the Z splitter but this batch of FCF is amazing. If you have the opportunity to grab it definitely do you won’t be disappointed.

  28. Its what we ALL expect from the industry..but not at wallet breaking prices comparable to old school street prices.

  29. The streets don’t charge tax my friend and honestly for the price it was 128.00 after tax but it really wasn’t that bad for what I got, I’d buy it every time. I’m a heavy smoker and this stuff absolutely rocks me.

  30. True, not tax it pays to any entity..the taxation comes in other forms, as it always has. Minus tax..figure...bout 220 an oz...that I can bite and swallow. You paid a decent price. In comparison, at certain dispos around me, a 3.5g bag goes for as much as 60 before taxes!..thats 480 an oz (pretax)..

  31. Probably tasty.. but that shit looks like walker flesh. Lol

  32. Duct tape is a glue. I hate (most) glue strains..too mellow a buzz for me. 1964 cherry AK sounds like 🔥

  33. The Cherry AK is quite good. It has a great hybrid high. Relaxing, but still stimulates the mind and gave me crazy focus.

  34. Oohhh man! Im stoked! Super lemon haze done by them should be fucking great!

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