Oilers fan coming in peace

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  1. Eh, these games happen. Especially on the Road. Avs didn’t even play especially terrible, things just didn’t go their way. Jets are real solid this year and I look forward to a potential playoff series.

  2. Love that we’re playing with lots of AHL guys and keeping up (and beating) a SC contender.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to a game at MSG. Such a unique arena. Blew my mind as a youngster learning the ice level is on the fifth floor of the building.

  4. I’ve lived in New York for 12 years and this game will be my first sports event there. I hope the boys bring the pain!

  5. Lfg those are some sick seats my dude!! I hope you see some fabric moving when our boys are shooting. Who you got for the first goal?

  6. What does the act look like? I assume you're going for heart?

  7. Yeah going for heart. The boss was slimeboss so I was leaning more towards hyperbeam or electro. Ended up taking hyper and having a strong first act.

  8. We decided that sports and art celebrities don’t really make an attempt to rebrand themselves, it’s just their name that people call them. Basquiat was disallowed, as well as pele, due to this ruling.

  9. You’re saying Banksy isn’t an attempt to rebrand himself? that’s like the entire purpose of a name like that

  10. Banksy is a great one. But that is because as far as anyone knows that is not their real name. Banksy is different than pollock or monet because those are just their last names.

  11. Absolutely the most I’ve ever cheered for a a player that as worn the red of the red wings.

  12. Could they have found two guys with worse hair to bring the cup out onto the ice?

  13. I mean, I’d be surprised to get 50 upvotes. I don’t think this is a great way to farm karma but I’m just trying to spread positivity.

  14. Not everything has to be a care-bear circlejerk.

  15. And drai was on one leg and an absolute freak still

  16. I could not believe my eyes every time he came back on the ice after limping and dragging himself off the last shift. He’d miss a shift or two then roll out and be instrumental in a sick assist. True beast. Glad we don’t have to see him again this year.

  17. Dude it was insane! No one was expecting that last goal, the stadium deflated so quickly. Blues played a great game tho!

  18. I don’t rejoice in other peoples pain but maybe I can make an exception for a house full of blues fans.

  19. Did anyone else notice how Sean misread the intro add copy for policy genius? I don’t think poly genius is a thing but I know policy genius sure is.

  20. This and the "Please maintenance yourselves" in the hims ads...

  21. He is a delight. Truly and purely. He’s given us so many gifts of his confusion.

  22. I know that dealership. What a bunch of jerkoffs. I still get emails from them

  23. Read my post again and I definitely read it your way this time and confused myself haha. Sometimes it's like my brain doesn't parse what I'm typing.

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