1. RTK (Real Time Kinematics) is a special technique for satellite positioning that can produce accurate results to the centimeter, making it an invaluable tool for surveyors around the world. The method involves measuring satellite data against a ground station for precise, real-time information.

  2. How heavy are those warheads? They are comically large compared to those quads. Doesn't look feasible, but I don't know what they can pick up.

  3. M3 Carl Gustaf and URGI? Sweeeeet!

  4. My uncle had a doll on strings when I was a kid. When he died there was a fight over who got to burn that creepy thing. I'm still afraid of them.

  5. Haha! So, who's the lucky one who got the chance to burn the doll?

  6. https://i.imgur.com/9MJALZy.jpg

  7. The majority of First Platoon on its way to Japan from the US aboard USS Wantuck. August 1951

  8. My grandfather was in the Navy during the Korean War. Said he witnessed a couple of migs getting hit and nobody celebrated, just kept on working. Im gonna go find out what ship he was on, chances are, he was there

  9. Ahh the F9F makes more sense, cool plane! Surprised it tanked that many 23mm rounds/frag, seems like that would be in-conducive to safe and efficient flight. Absolute badass.

  10. This guy reminds me of Boris the Blade aka Boris the Bullet Dodger.

  11. That is one expensive selfie stick!

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