1. I don't even have that card. The closest I got was with a norse mythology deck.

  2. Omg, I didn't even realize! I was so distracted by the ravens.

  3. As much as I wish it wasn't, Tardis is pretty lame. Not enough power to do anything, ability doesn't help enough, and no other cards buff it directly.

  4. Hey! I use TARDIS in my Tiny Universal Declaration deck - and it's a BEAST! It buffs up big! Easily 200+ by round 5!

  5. Yes, it was always this one legendary and another musically minded one (usually the same one in this screenshot).

  6. I stopped after 11. Figured I could use them for crafting 😁

  7. This is amazing! It sounds like you worked harder than you needed to, trying to get it all in the same shot, but your hard work definitely paid off.

  8. Well done! I'm not in it yet, so I can't accept the application, but superb!

  9. Good job photoshopping 👍I almost thought it was one shot.

  10. I would love to play these! I haven't played many games lately because I got bored of the and thing, so something different would be nice.

  11. Obviously, this person is an astronaut returning from Space. They need to trade what they got from their trip for something valuable on earth.

  12. Congrats! There are worse decks to play against.

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