1. The Ahsoka series that comes out later this year will be a direct continuation of Rebels, so you’ll definitely want to watch that, it’s only 4 seasons.

  2. I don’t think having an 8 month old baby in the lower row would be as enjoyable as being in the second level and having more space

  3. Nobody has done what he's currently doing in over 100 years. Also, as good as Babe Ruth was(WAR doesn't lie), I'd argue that Shohei is far more talented than Ruth. Ruth never had elite speed like Ohtani, nor did he have the type of arm Shohei has.

  4. Babe Ruth was also never really an elite pitcher and hitter at the same time. All his good pitching was during his time with the Red Sox, when he went to the Yankees he stopped pitching and started hitting a ton of home runs.

  5. The 1918 season was shortened due to WWI and Ruth only played in 95 games because he got the flu in May. He did lead the league in home runs that season… with 11.

  6. Hopefully give it to the kid with the leather one so the other Mando kids stop making fun of him

  7. Judging by the terrain and climate I’d say they flew Southwest

  8. Bo's character has been good all season, but really? Another monster episode? A plot that was just borrowed almost entirely from episode one?

  9. The monster is a MacGuffin. It triggers a scenario that allows Bo-Katan to take charge and use her experience to help the covert. It moves Bo’s story forward.

  10. Good writers either don't use MacGuffins or they find an interesting way to use them. Just reusing the same plot over and over again is lazy. I don't think the slow characterisation of Bo is really enough to justify 40 minutes of nearly nothing else.

  11. A really vague term that has to do with developing a film. Could mean a script is being written or that a studio is talking to directors or actors. Hard to tell for sure without knowing the context but it’s far from a guarantee that the film is definitely being made.

  12. Okay so a few things jump out. In the first paragraph it says the show is being developed by Onyx Collective for Hulu. Onyx is a division of Disney that focuses in creative works by people of color and other underrepresented groups, and Disney also owns Hulu. So this isn’t just being developed by individuals in hopes of being shopped, it was announced at Onyx’s panel at Sundance. The article also mentioned that it’s part of an overall deal between Onyx and Ryan Coogler’s Proximity Media, which is a deal where Proximity is paid to develop ideas that Onyx will then own.

  13. Is finn force sensitive in canon? If yes, how do we know?

  14. Yes. It’s what he was about to tell Rey when they were sinking in the sand, he talks about a common feeling he and Jannah experienced that caused them to leave the FO and it’s confirmed when he senses Rey’s death later in the film.

  15. Thats video is comedic. Watch it till end

  16. Then stop replying. I’m not being aggressive. You just keep talking to me.

  17. All week I anticipate the show. I have a young fam and I work lots, fulltime + often OT and I still consider staying up to 2am(central) on wednesday mornings to watch, I never make it to 2am lol but I try. . .That's how much I like TM!

  18. I set my alarm for 5am to watch it before everyone else wakes up

  19. No not really. In the first two seasons I knew exactly what was going to happen next because they told us. “Go find Ahsoka Tano… Go to the planet Tython… find this prisoner.” This season I really have no idea what’s going to happen. I have guesses, but it could realistically go in a dozen different directions.

  20. I don’t really think this matters as much as people think it does.

  21. It’s literally facts though, look at her job tittle see the influence she has. Also there are many interviews that came out where she’s talking about decisions she implemented for episodes 7,8, and 9.

  22. Nah man, people put out all kinds of fake reports about her clashing with Filoni, Favreau and Rian Johnson. It’s all BS. She fired the directors of Solo because they were taking forever and were going way over budget. If you want to criticize her for hiring and dropping directors for the new slate of movies like a fantasy football owner whose entire team is in a bye week, that’s fair. But she didn’t ruin anything. I enjoyed the hell out of all three sequel movies.

  23. Carried the first two acts of Rogue One for me.

  24. Sebastian Stan replacing Mark Hamill makes no sense, Sebastian is 40 years old, if they're going with a "young" Luke, they should cast someone who's actually young.

  25. Sebastian can definitely play younger than 40

  26. Why would anyone but Cameron Monaghan play Cal?

  27. The answer to your question is no, because without the attributes window the program has no idea what attribute you want to copy and paste. I’m sorry it takes a couple extra clicks.

  28. I’m perfectly fine with it, out of all the models I’ve used it’s just a tech thing and I’m sure as sensor technology evolves the resolution will be better. Or I buy one of the bigger cameras but that’s a whole different world 😂

  29. You need a ridiculous amount of resolution on a 360 camera to get anything close to a 4K image in a reframe.

  30. Overall I think the dialogue in the ST is good. A little clunky here and there and missed opportunities for something really profound at times in TRoS.

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