1. If your schedule allows it, just play a little later in the evening. It's what I always do in Forza, too. It usually gets much better after 22:00/10pm.

  2. I feel like Unbound has great customization for JDM and Euro builds but for people who are into classic muscle with chrome Cragars and 8-71 roots blowers sticking out of the hood, we seem to have been handed the short end of the stick. One thing I liked about Payback is that it had gassers and drag racing and there are none of that in Heat and Unbound.

  3. I haven't found any new parts for muscle cars so far except for one new kit for the '65 Mustang and that hideous abomination for the '69 Charger.

  4. Don't worry if you skipped them, you still have opportunities to get them after the story.

  5. Oh, that's nice to know, thanks! Does the game just continue week by week after the final story?

  6. Basically. Yeah. Old challenges will pop sometimes during the nights and there is some new stuff to do for Rydell.

  7. Alright, that seems fair enough, thanks for letting me know! At least it's not just over like Heat and the online mode will be there, too.

  8. I see you are using Bond Vert Stab, Turbo and rammer

  9. Not op, but I use Turbo, bounty vert stab and an aiming device.

  10. This is a very good car. I'm not aware of any other 4WD STD compact cars, at least not at this high RQ.

  11. My bad, I missed the first one. Truly wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

  12. Damn, that's kinda unexpected. Enjoy your Ultima then I guess :D

  13. From my trial I'd say the gameplay is pretty good, but even during these 10 hours so many races were ruined by weird physics glitches.

  14. I've been playing the EA play trials for about 5 hours now and am actually pleasantly surprised by the gameplay.

  15. Depends. How are your German and US SUV garages looking.

  16. That sounds like you should keep absolutely anything you can get hold of. I wouldn't fuse them unless I have at least 3 or 4 better ones and a few lower RQ ones that fulfill the same criteria.

  17. Decent car for its RQ, but low tier epics are always in a bit of a bad spot. I think it'll still be quite useful at 111 though.

  18. Used to be the best epic Bentley, but that place is now taken up by the Old Guard one. Still pretty decent for what it is though.

  19. That rotting XJS, as understandable as it is, is such a shame to look at :(

  20. Tank PvP "shooter" is such a niche category good luck waiting for a replacement that isn't War Thunder.

  21. We had Armored Warfare (if I remember correctly) and I thought that was amazing! Much less RNG, more diverse class roles and also much more fair in terms of balancing. Also had a very cool PvE mode.

  22. Does the TT not beat it? I feel like it should.

  23. Have you finished upgrading them already? Both are still 2 stars in your picture.

  24. Most URs will win the CS, despite being low clearance.

  25. It looses by 0.7, I did a goofy when I didn't know how the game worked haha

  26. Oh, that's a lot. I may have mistaken it for the RQ53 one.

  27. I'd keep it at 223 for now and wait if you'll ever need to beat a 323/233 on any tracks and tune yours accordingly. Both tunes are useful.

  28. Isn't this a really good offroad car compared to other sr offroads? (So long as you don't put it on any hills?)

  29. It is. Not sure how it stacks up to the Fulvia, but being RWD it should be on par with it in some tracks/conditions, despite the Fulvias better face stats.

  30. I went 233 and don't regret it. It only loses the usual tracks to 323 as far as I can tell.

  31. I'm currently in chapter 5 and can only agree.

  32. How did you already get it? The event only starts in 3 days for me.

  33. I don't even question the logic behind calculating the ride height anymore. Some pretty high cars are considered low, some super low cars like the prize car DeTomaso Pantera are medium...

  34. most definitely could be it. i’m looking for the shorter boxy type 190E so would i be looking for a W201 then?

  35. Yes, the 190E is the W201. The W124 is everything 200E and higher numbers. Both are amazing cars, I personally own a 200E and am very happy with it!

  36. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/glen-waverley/cars-vans-utes/mercedes-1989-190e-2-6-w201/1301078423

  37. I think that's probably due to the perspective and very bad photos of the 2nd one. They are the same car. Also the facelift being longer is news to me, is it just slightly larger bumpers maybe?

  38. Just get right in and start the first championship. After a few races I'll spend some time in the auction house and get as many cars for cheap as I can.

  39. Yea I usually follow that rule was just wondering if this is one of the exceptions with the low handling (worst for 4wd std epics) with its mra

  40. It's not an exceptional dragster. It can beat most other 4WD STDs on fast tracks, but on many tracks the handling disadvantage and rather poor 0-60 makes it lose.

  41. Lovely car! I currently own a 200E, but I've been looking for a 300E-24 for a while. The blue grille is quite odd, but I kinda like it!

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