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  1. They are trying really hard to not make it look like an AI generated Image, it's kinda funny.

  2. Yes, his life rapidly fell apart after his wife died of cancer. You could see how his mind was getting messed up by the meth he was on in his last few videos before he got arrested. The saddest thing was seeing him sell his repo truck.

  3. I really don't mind spiders. But when they get to the size where you can hear their footsteps... That's gonna be a no from me dawg.

  4. I like big spiders because they are easier to spot and handle tbh.

  5. Hmm how much editing have you done to them? Any channel swap?

  6. Can't wait to be replaced by an AI that was supposed to "help artists and speed up work" or whatever tf their supporters claim.

  7. If you use artworks to train your AI you are breaking copyright law, even if you offer said AI for free.

  8. Imagine being so weak that you stop playing a video game because of this.

  9. I hope they clone him like 10 times in the next movie!

  10. Little flashlight attachment for the flipper could be neat, probably already exists.

  11. When I do infrared photography, I always wonder why all the plants are really white and kinda semi translucent.

  12. I love USB-C ports and all the improvements they brought in interoperability, power capacity, but there is this thing that bugs me: they are just too to easily clean them with a toothpick. Wanna remove some lint? Now you have lint and wood inside.

  13. The trick is to get a stiff sheet of plastic from one of these annoying packages and cut out the "toothpick" from that. It will be very thin and is perfect for cleaning out the lint.

  14. Is what real? That movie clip? Looks like they just reversed the animation. lol

  15. I'm sure it's a miniature on strings.

  16. It doesn't, the beauty of the TOS that no one reads is that you give the host platform do to what it wants with that content. You give them a licence.

  17. Ok so what if I revoke the license that I granted them?

  18. Isn't that just delaying the inevitable, though? Eventually, no matter if it uses exclusively public domain works or copyrighted works, it's going to become good enough to present any subject in any style.

  19. Yeah I do hate him, what now?

  20. Again it's irrelevant as copyright doesn't prevent the use of materials as training since only the end result has to be judged as transformative. The problem with music is as you mentioned over-fitting such that the end result is not deemed transformative. This does not prevent the use of copyrighted materials in training but in the case of music is discouraged due to lack of variety, visual data does not have this issue.

  21. I’ve been eating weed butter in small amounts the past few days and it’s great. I’ve gotten stoned on edibles to the point where I couldn’t physically function but never a mind fuck. I get way more anxiety when I smoke it

  22. My roommate made weed butter cookies and I took one (never did weed in my life) and it went from me not understanding what was said on the tv to me having a bad trip and feeling like I was dying in slow motion while everything was rotating. I also could not process if I was standing, sitting in my chair or laying in my bed.

  23. The tail is not matching tho, in the movie screenshot, it goes over both legs and in the image here it only covers one leg.

  24. Yes, but you can't copy reference images, it's still copyright infringement. I personally find it unethical, aside from being illegal. Did this person agree to be painted by him? In addition to copyright, there are also personality rights –

  25. Do you know what studies are? Also where does it say that studies and painting people is illegal? I'm curious.

  26. How will it help me, when AI actually sucks at composition and proportions?

  27. I never check id's at my job for military discount. Mainly because I don't care about my companies money, I'll give 10% to everyone. But a lot of times they want to show me their ID. I have supreme respect for our armed forces, don't get me wrong. I just like giving away autozones money.

  28. Thank you for your service!

  29. Why do people insist new technology has to completely kill an entire field of employment before it becomes a problem?

  30. People care about it, because the AI has been trained on their art, without any licensing.

  31. You are absolutely right when I did salvia I thought I was dead, like legit thought I was dead which caused me to freak out even more. I did it one time and never again it scared the shit out of me

  32. My roommate gave me and edible with cannabis butter and I had never done weed before. It was a really bad trip and I was feeling like I was turning around and thought I was dying in slowmotion. I also lost sense of if I was standing, sitting or laying. TV was kinda cool because no word made sense. The scary part was i guess that i couldn't just turn the trip off and that kinda fucked me up .

  33. Dude, have you ever looked at the rules? It's hilarious and sad! They even ban you from having a signature on the painting, if it's related to any of your social media.

  34. Also the hair(which is quite beautiful) doesn't have any loops and is nicely separated and curved.

  35. So his plan is to look as pathetic as possible? Isn't his entire business model based on being based?

  36. His entire business model is getting attention, she should have ignored him, because look at all the retweets man. He also literally pays people to post YouTube shorts of his content btw.

  37. Holy fuck stop giving attention to him.

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