England and Wales now minority Christian countries, census reveals

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This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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Protests against Xi and his zero covid policy broke out in Shanghai and other cities in China

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Time value of money means this $80,000 now would be worth more than $80,000 years/decades later.

  2. But the utility of money is greater the younger you are, especially if paying off this debt now would open up new avenues of investment.

  3. He mentioned wanting to have kids and get married in his most recent conversation with Lex. Not sure if he currently has a partner though.

  4. Cascades park is always the go to

  5. I heard that after youbgive birth your penis gets all stretched out and it's never the same.

  6. Stretched out? The thing friggin exploded.

  7. Context: This is regarding proposed development of a currently abandoned golf course. It’s a long story.

  8. It's not even being used and they still want to stop it from being developed into something useful like housing.

  9. Genuine question seeing as how they are extremely concerned here, has Joe or Jocko ever brought up Trumps kids and all the deals/money they made as official WH officials? How Trumps kids were denied clearance roles and Trump personally stepped in to allow them top secret clearance? Etc. etc. etc.? Like, even once dove into that?

  10. But they're not part of the deep state conspiracy (even though they're billionaire coastal elites who all went to ivy league schools) because they're conservatives fighting for the right side!

  11. Oh god, every dude had the same young Sinatra mug shot hanging on their dorm room wall.

  12. I'm one of those people who, when I decide I like a podcast, I will start at the beginning and listen to every episode.

  13. One person can only hold so many stories and novel comparisons/metaphors in their head.

  14. All things considered he was way more positive on this one than I expected

  15. Hopefully initiatives like the Underline and the new "Underdeck" start to bridge the gap that was created decades ago.

  16. Can you share more about it their website is down?

  17. Didnt Taiwan and New zealand do great against covid?

  18. Those two countries had western vaccines

  19. The Normans being Vikings who had settled in Normandy.

  20. Lol, Normans are Vikings in the same way Russians are Swedes.

  21. English is vastly more common. Scots Gaelic is on life support. Lowland Scots is fairly common, but not as much so as English by at least an order of magnitude. Doric is common in Aberdeenshire.

  22. If you ask the new generation then "Scots" is essentially just being blended into Scottish-English as time goes on.

  23. Very normal. Just as any normal country would do. It is crazy how normal Iran is.

  24. What? You've never torn down the home of one of your nation's athletes because they let people see their hair once?

  25. Just read the article and I’m unclear how exactly this rewrites history. It was already very well established that Romans and Etruscans interacted and shared a lot culturally. What do these bronze statues change about that?

  26. The new discoveries also shed light on what the Italian Culture Ministry describes as a "unique multicultural and multilingual haven of peace" between Etruscans and Romans at a time when the rivals were mostly at war.

  27. It was a combination of things. Abolition was certainly a factor, but the biggest was plain ol patriotism. Many, especially in the more mountainous regions were slavery was less common, felt it was a rich man’s war that the poor had to fight. They also just didn’t want to secede from the US and thought that was treason.

  28. These are the people who should have statues. Not the traitors.

  29. It is more complicated than that for the UK. For a long time only rich land owners could vote, most of whom were men but a few were women. So small a minority of men and a significantly smaller minority of women had the vote. Then there was a law passed banning women voting, so it was only the small minority of men that had the vote. Part way though the 19th century the law changed so other posh men could vote, so a slightly larger small minority of men could vote, then expanded to included professional men too, so some men could vote, but no women. In 1918 the law was changed so that all men 21 or older could vote and women 30 or older or graduates (21+) could vote, so all men and most women. In 1928 it changed so all men (21+) and women (21+) could vote. The delay was to maintain gender balance after so many young men dying in the first world war. In 1969 the voting age was reduced from 21 to 18 for both men and women.

  30. This is how it was for most of the world

  31. Spain did but 8 years later Franco shows up and no one could vote untill after 1975

  32. Same in Portugal but with Salazar instead of Franco

  33. You really think it's the monarchy of a different nation that makes Canada special? Lol

  34. I was elected to LEAD, not to READ

  35. I feel like for every road we build their should automatically be an adjacent street-car rail and bike lane along the same route. That would give people options other than car travel no matter where you are.

  36. I'd rather have my billionaires afraid of the government than above the government

  37. I've had "bad teachers" who were really just young adults who shouldn't have been given any power over anyone, and it's crazy how easily they would let that small bit of authority get to their head.

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