1. Will it include emailing capabilities? Such as emailing grandma on a tuesday.

  2. Will the headband increase virtual strength via the bloodlines of the human brain?

  3. Contrary to the sub name, this is actually a subreddit about suits the clothing item.

  4. Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.99999% sure that Twhacky is not a bot.

  5. The worst part is that it’s probably delicious

  6. Nooo they added the cinnamon twists lmfao

  7. Some people are never shown how to cook and then are proud of their shitty experiments when they don't instantly gag.

  8. You could tell that they probably threw it out later lmfao

  9. juice wrld japan free style. this guy uses the sound on every one of his videos

  10. Your post has been manually removed because it is not an antimeme.

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