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TIL, The Japanese have been producing wood for 700 years without cutting down trees. In the 14th century, the extraordinary daisugi technique was born in Japan. Pruning as a rule of art that allows the tree to grow and germinate while using its wood, without ever cutting it down.

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  1. You can literally get the game for free from their website if you want to play it that badly. The steam release just added a lot of user-friendly additions and incorporated a Texture pack.

  2. Our class cheated. Only a handful of us actually read the big books, but logged in an took the tests for other kids. We wanted that square pizza.

  3. Likely have to take a comprehension quiz over the books they read too

  4. I would’ve won those handedly as a kid. Used to devour books just because I wanted to. Didn’t even get a prize or nothin.

  5. You have to say yes… because of the implications.

  6. Its so cute because they do this because they want to protect you from dangers (predators) while you are in a vulnerable situation. Like watching out for you while you do your business. Its a sign of love.

  7. Mine violently claws my legs every time I sit down on the toilet.

  8. You need another cat to protect you from the first cat

  9. According to your username, bears aren’t your type

  10. Self deception is a whole thing. A Character may honestly believe and see themself as righteous and good, but to anyone around him seem clearly evil by his actions.

  11. The road to the nine hells are paved with good intentions.

  12. This is why those are great spells on War Clerics. That one time you really need that single target spell to connect, it's most likely going to.

  13. Lemme just say, taking a dip into fighter as a war cleric to get action surge so you can doubly cast an upcasted inflict wounds can get busted.

  14. You do realize the mod went through several substantial balance/gameplay updates based on constructive feedback over 2 years before steam release , right?

  15. I didn’t even know long war 2 was on steam now. Last time I played it was still solely on GitHub and I stopped checking it to make sure my save didn’t get corrupted. Might be time for a new playthrough then.

  16. Nobody said this, why are you arguing with your own imagination

  17. Cause it’s easier than fighting the chosen :(

  18. But… there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is Dargonborn!

  19. Good thing no one ordered the catfish

  20. I'm not saying that I agree with how it went down. I'm saying I get it.

  21. The game was intentionally designed to be bullshit in order to point out the flaws of capitalism. The rage is intended.

  22. Besides, first they'd have to conquer it back from the emus

  23. An impossible and fruitless endeavor.

  24. They're desperately trying to be offended, won't someone think of the Catholics!!1

  25. The most oppressed minority in the world! /s

  26. “Why of course I know him, he’s me.” -Viggo

  27. It'll never stop. It's been like fifteen years and star wars fans can't spell Ahsoka.

  28. With xenotypes it glitches out and breaks them. I stopped the save when I noticed they had phantom clothes equipped and turned into a purple missing texture every time I zoomed in.

  29. Here's the thing. You said "daisugi is pollarding."

  30. That’s an old copypasta reference lol

  31. Sword Art Online. Horrible show, but the abridged version is pretty good. You can find it on YouTube.

  32. “Alright, it’s not funny anymore, unlock the door and let me back in.”

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