1. An embarrassment for Iowa. When people ask why Iowa is losing population in droves and can’t get people to live here I just point at Grassley, King and Reynolds.

  2. Do you have a source for the "losing population in droves"? US census shows a gain from 2010 to 2020. More accurate for you to state that rural Iowa is losing population with metro areas gaining.

  3. Why not? We have a knack to develop NFL TE talent. 15+ yard passing, that's for the BIG12

  4. I thought it was funny after the form letters he sends after not listening to my emails,

  5. Well, I guess you find it funny. Hope something happens tomorrow for you to post about.

  6. I actually cross my street to mow the elderly neighbors yard. YOU THINK THATS FUNNY!?!

  7. It's the same technology as the movie Monsters Inc. It captures all the groans emitted in the stadium over the last umpteen seasons.

  8. Damm, I really didn't know the current state of ticket sales. I'm grabbing some next time.

  9. I know this is November and it’s never gonna happen under this administration, but I’ll continue to say it:

  10. But they have had those seats for 65 years, even when the played at the field house.

  11. Zero percent chance he was starting anyway. With Petras looking better than him the fans would riot if Ferentz doesn't find something, anything, from the transfer portal

  12. Thought it takes 2 years to learn the complicated Iowa offense.

  13. Haha, NC State vs Iowa would be a sicko special. Two great defenses and 2 offenses that are happy to score 14+, haha.

  14. I would prefer if you have an ugly cousin team we can play instead. 7 safeties...that's too many to ask for.

  15. We were just 2 weeks away from getting past covid, if only they will comply.

  16. Oh my god is Purdue going to let Iowa back into the CCG?

  17. Illinois is next in line and looking adequate against Northwestern.

  18. Keeping the Conrad site open according to Facebook. I wouldn't feel confident in long term stability there. Sounds like the owner is very tired.

  19. Go to Brucemore, spend $10 and walk around the house. It's neat and they need money badly.

  20. Iowa City should be entertaining. Hawks play Nebraska at 3:00 today.

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