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  1. The practice tests are identical to the exams with different numbers. Just rip the practice tests

  2. Where do you find the practice qs? Textbook?

  3. If you had AEO you’ve now lost it, and you’re less likely to get in through the competitive pool compared to individuals that do have a full course load

  4. Okay thanks. I'm non-AEO. Might I also add that the missed exam was not my fault, and I also have academic consideration for it. I also read somewhere that if a student is unable to take a full course load Ivey will look at the summer courses that make up the 10.0 credits. Could you verify this info ?

  5. Yes, I was quite literally told to drop a course to make space for my outstanding course from last year

  6. The academic calendar does have wording stating that your courseload will be reduced. However, I was in a similar situation last year and social science academic counseling told me I didn’t have to do anything. BUT it’d be best to check with an academic counsellor to see if you have to request an overload

  7. Can you share that info with me please? How do I check with an academic counselor?

  8. Hi i need to defer an exam as well, i’ve never heard of this but i’m going to keep myself updated on this post

  9. Any news? I cant find anything. Probably just fake news

  10. Yeah but like I don’t know many people at western so like don’t really know how to get invited/ find out about them😭

  11. Me too! I'm a first year off campus so I'll take anything I can get for Halloween. I heard Halloween parties mostly pop off on res so that just may be it

  12. go to a walk in clinic and get a doctors note! it should be $20 for it ☺️

  13. Thanks! Who do I then give the doctor's note to? Also does the doctor have to fill out the student medical certificate?

  14. you need to fill out the medical certificate, that is the doctors note

  15. There's 2 sections on the medical certificate; half of it is completed by the student and the other half by the practitioner. So do I take the form to the clinic with me? Do I scan it and then sent it to my prof?

  16. Most just want people they can vibe with so just show your personality- be confident and smile! Prepare your elevator pitch (as in the 30 second explanation of who you are and your experience). Make sure to show that you have researched the club and actually want to be in it and not just for the resume experience. Prepare good questions, something related to what they had told you about the club. Have a couple event ideas in mind because they’ll probably ask about some and also talk about ones you’ve previously done. But the most important thing is that they like you as a person because especially for things like events/communications, they don’t really care about your experience because anyone can do it (they would choose someone they like with 0 experience over someone with a shit ton of experience but was cocky, shy, or rude) Show that you would also put the time in too!! Also don’t stress, there’s so many different opportunities and if you don’t get it this year, there’s next year too. I hope this helps and that you get the position and others too!!! Best of luck! :)

  17. Yeah wondering what places I could hit up with the boys this weekend

  18. Literally in the same boat as you. Barely know any people or places around here

  19. People meet at Weldon 6am bring your water bottle full of alcohol, there lots of activities there for hoco.

  20. 6 am?! How long does that go on for? Do people go home and then come out again for the party at night?

  21. I did a quick search for 2 bedroom apartments, and I didn’t find a lot. The few I found are downtown and 1700$+. If you need a place immediately, you’re better off getting a room in a house. Residence was over priced and over rated (I’d advise against strongly)

  22. Where did you see the ones in downtown? I've been scouring kijiji and rentals.ca and can't find nothing

  23. Why do you need a 2 bdrm? A 1 bdrm for one person is plenty (I live in one, alone, and it's awesome). If you have 600 sqft apartment, you're fine.

  24. I'm sharing it with my brother. 1500 is nothing. I'm seeing apartments go for 2500 per month

  25. Study at a Canadian university! Why on earth would you want to study in Bahrain?!

  26. Hey, I'm avoiding studying Medicine in Canada because it is a very long route, approximately 15 years. RCSI route is significantly shorter than that and RCSI is considered prestigious around the world.

  27. Would you be able to back to Canada and work. My friend went to RCSI and earns 800 bd monthly as a GP. Higher salaries in Canada. Don't forget you're competing with Indian doctors here. They'll work more hours for way less. If you study back in Canada, gain experience, then come back here, it's a whole other ball game. I'm actually moving to Canada to put my kids through university there. Bahrain is a graveyard for careers and this is coming from a Queens University (I have an MBA too) grad.

  28. Really? 800 bd? That's poor considering the program costs 1200bd per month

  29. Sounds like a year off would do you good for further exploring your future path. I think mentioning your surgery and wanting time to reconsider your path might be a good angle in asking western for a deferral

  30. Thanks again. Another thing that I have to consider is that if I go ahead with my decision to differ, I'll be starting my post secondary education at 20 years old since I was held back by a year when I moved to Canada and changed schooling systems

  31. Take the guarantee. Never ever suicide apply or make decisions based on one possible narrow outcome. Ever. and having a canadian medical education will open up significantly more doors than anything related to Bahrain.

  32. Thanks for the response. What if I'm able to differ for a year? The only downside then would be I'd be starting my post secondary education at 20.

  33. Yeah... I noticed it isn't all that popular (which I guess is a reason for lower score requirements). Let me know if you find anything, thanks :)

  34. Hey... Canadian here and looking at RCSI Bahrain. How did it go?

  35. Update: So I didn't receive any instructions on paying a deposit so I called Western just to confirm. They said that I did have to pay a $500 deposit to them. Very poor from them, considering no reminders are sent out.

  36. tuition deposits are only for colleges. we pay our fees before the fall semester starts

  37. Some unis like TMU and York do have a deposit .

  38. hi, apparently all special consideration forms are reviwed in late may. idk about private courses but im sure the university recognizes that they are some unavoidable circumstances that affect ur grade. I hope that helps!

  39. Does UofT care about private courses and spares (being a part time student). I had extenuating circumstances so I talked about it in the special circumstances form

  40. Lol. Have you seen the supplementary applications for UK universities? It's a simple one page typed letter. Not the bullshit our universities put us through. Definitely not feasible.

  41. It's 4000 characters where you're supposed to discuss extracurricular involvement and your interest in your major. Plus they also use teacher references.

  42. They literally don't. I just moved here from a British school and all of my friends applied to the UK (top universities too - LSE, UCL, Imperial, Cambridge, King's). Some of them had to do video interviews but the majority of them wrote a single paged personal statement that they were able to use for every program they applied to. Teacher references just aren't a thing in the UK. I don't understand where you're getting this information from

  43. Got the email wednesday night, my number 1 choice was schulich and finally got the offer this week on monday

  44. What was Schulich's conditional offer? And how were your ecs if you dont mind me asking. Waiting on both

  45. 87 conditional, 2 school exec positions, 2 job positions, and 1 volunteering experience

  46. Thanks 🙏 hope I bump into you next year

  47. Waterloo maths will open more career pathways then you can imagine.

  48. The alternate offer was from York right? And not schulich itself

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