1. Chako Japanese Bakery in Covington. Sweet Japanese lady pastry chef makes fantastic cakes and not your typical over the top dietetic sweetness kind. Soft freshly made daily cakes by the slice or a roll or a whole cake. We always get custom made and fresh fruit bday cakes by her for all close fam and friends. She's got fresh whole loaf bread roll cakes, mousse, pudding, cheesecake, savory breads, Japanese style fried pork/chicken sandwiches, salad, soup, rice balls, and Japanese tea etc. Check them out. Like seriously..hidden gem right here.

  2. Is this the one that offers karage and some other savory snacks too?

  3. i grabbed some earlier today as well. nose leans to an aroma similar to ICC. effects lean indica, but not as heavy as ICC. chill relax but not locking you down. deff chills the brain and the body

  4. Tinctures we're ok. But for day/cost value best bet is rso. It's sold under extracts in 1 gram quantities. It's full spectrum, so all the plants goodies are in it. Most people start with a dose about the size of half a grain of rice and increase from there. As for edibles that hit also. Check out klutch 2-4 packs of gummies (rootbeer float, triple citrus). They're usually 25-50mg gummies and they usually give me the relief I need.

  5. So many others have made great suggestions! I just want to chip in this. Some folks think that there is something wrong with doing things on your own, say a hobby or dining etc. It can be personally intimidating to do some of these things too, just from the way the perceptions of others can make us feel. But if you can push those feelings down a bit! I'm 35 myself and i found in my early 30's a lot of my former close friends were drifting away due to life. At first I kept to myself and stayed in more. Then i got to thinking, why should i deny myself self dinner date to try out that new restaurant, why not go roll a few frames of bowling if it was up to it. When i started taking the time to do these things just for myself, is the exact time i fell into a group of friends with similar interests and hobbies. In short. Take that first step for any of these folks recommendations, follow your passions and the passionate people will find you!

  6. For some reason mine doesn't taste the best but it's good effects

  7. for real. mine tasted like straight resin but it did the trick. the buckeye mint julep resin i picked up is fantastic though!

  8. The repubs pushed it off till next year, I would assume they will push it off again and again and again. They don't want it.

  9. They can't. It is auto on the ballot next year by court agreement after several appeals related to signatures.

  10. Luster battery's fire on draw. They're set to fire at a set voltage. If the battery doesn't have enough charge to hit the heat threshold for oil vaporization it doesn't know. It just feels the pull and tries to fire. This leads to lower and lower firing beats that start to clog and then burn as there is enough heat to vapor off the water element. (I'm guessing) leaving behind a burnt shell. It will keep firing. But you need to return the shell / wick to clear it before it functions again. I'm baked.

  11. In regards to PGR Galenas is ohios only certified "kind" grower. which leads too all organic soil grown bud. i think pgrs would get their "kind" certification revoked? i could be wrong though.

  12. There was a post awhile ago about how firelands had a bunch of moldy stuff drying and they were gonna just remediate and sell.

  13. bought some PH up and down and ph meter off amazon! i pretty much just fill up my feeding cup and give her a test. usually need swirl in a drop of PH down and im good to go!

  14. When i get those messages i say that im willing to sell for No inspection 3x the market value in cash. they usuallly dont reply again

  15. nute burn. flush with plain ph'd water. wait a feeding or 2 before you add nutes back to your mix

  16. Nice, and its light tight right? (Sorry for that) how many plants is it supposed to support?

  17. they have several models starting as small as a 2x2 i think. im running the 2x4 in my basement. I did 2 plants at first (autos) my next go im gonna try 3 or 4. Pretty good auto controller etc.

  18. Think it's feasible to do 2 plants in a 2x2? It just too small?

  19. nah i think it could work, at least for autos. Photos would take some intense training at least for Sat/landrace leaners.

  20. Where can I get an adapter for this?! I gatta try this shit!!

  21. Vgoodiez / sneaky Pete / eds TNT all have TM wpas. Check out high artisan for bad ass stems with terps pills.

  22. What does the S&M mean? But for sure LST! Got it in purple cow soil. Tap water went from perfect to 8.9. the first plant didn't do as well.

  23. Sadism and masochism lol. Whips chains and handcuffs! Tied down, bondage. Choking your plants out.

  24. Deus Ex Machina is a device used in story telling where a problem gets solved by something unexpected that hasn't been mentioned before.

  25. Also. its literally "god by machine". Origins dating to greek plays when playwrites would write themselves into a corner. Or if some one one donated them extra money at the end so their favorite god could be a hero. They literally would build pully systems to lift people up move them away "as if by gods solving the problem".

  26. Honestly I'm more worried about my sinuses throat and euvula from just too warm of vapor. Even with water pieces I'm bad about trying to take too big of rips.

  27. Welcome! I got the Vong I couple months ago and havent touched my Arizer Solo II since.

  28. weed has an amazing shelf life. to extend it. seal your buds in a glass jar with a 62% boveda pack. if possible line or frost the jar to prevent light going in. lastly a digital humidity meter or bluetooth one to watch that. Bud sealed air tight with minimal light and constant humidity can last for a year or more

  29. Currently I’m trying out the grove bags. I know they don’t require it but i also put a 62% boveda pack in them too. Originally after drying they were at 52% RH but the boveda brought them back to 62%

  30. Respect. I've heard mixed things about groves, and have no opinions on them other then the dispo weed that I receive In them. But sounds like your results are pretty good! I'm not a big fan of bumping the dried buds rh too (for some reason I think the taste gets muted). But everything else seems perfect! Keep it out of the light and you should be enjoying till next June!

  31. Not a bad idea to clear it out. But I think I'm going to buy something a bit better. It was a cheap four chamber I got from Walmart.

  32. In the mean time an iso soak and light brushing with a tooth brush should de gunk your screen!

  33. How do you like your klip? I've looked into them but haven't been able to pull the trigger on it. Really looks like a solid "grinder" though.

  34. I've been enjoying it immensely. I will share my primary critique though. Imo the magnets connecting the herb chamber to the slicing chamber isn't strong enough. Sometimes when you go to slice a nug it will have more resistance than you would anticipate. If you aren't holding both the slicing and flower storage chamber, the magnets will give way and the half moons will skip out of their indentations. But other then that the slice gives very light fluffy bud that vapes great!

  35. Im still new myself. But currently it looks like your pistils are still on the younger side. 2 for sure maybe a bit longer?

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