Does any other guy watch no sports?

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  1. Yeah this has been a joke since I was a teenager...

  2. I recently heard a Ted talk by a neuroscientist who said that everything we perceive is a hallucination. So there’s that...

  3. Put your sentimental iPad in a frame on the wall and then go buy one that actually works.

  4. How about a mouse? Elephants hate mouses. The Donkey is not the issue. Trumpites are now using Lions as their new party mascots. Trump is about to flush the GQP he don't need them anymore. See why Huey "The Kingfish" Long didn't last that long did he?👀

  5. What makes you think that elephants hate mice?

  6. What the fuck does this have to do with psychedelics? Take your god and your proselytizing and fuck well off.

  7. You should back up your Mac at least once a month. Get an external drive

  8. No! No one on Reddit can help you with your problems. You’ve been posting this same shit for weeks and everyone tells you the same thing. Get professional help. Find a therapist in your town or city that you can talk with.

  9. No way there's a misleading title in this sub, never seen that before.

  10. What’re you talking about? The guy is on video talking about poll watchers in predominantly black neighborhoods.

  11. No. And this is the point- belief is NOT enough. You believe that you asked god for something. But you may as well have asked Santa Claus for a toy train because neither of them are real.

  12. Small potatoes and potato cannon, he means...👻

  13. Buy a shadow box to display your sentimental item and then buy yourself a good, functional tool.

  14. “The researchers, several affiliated with Microsoft, published a preprint paper to arXiv titled “The Autodidactic Universe,” spotted by The Next Web. It describes our universe as an algorithm that’s continuously learning about itself. Their claim is that, like humans, the universe itself observes and learns about its own laws and structures — and changes as a result. “

  15. Yeah right. Nerds don’t smoke pot. 👻

  16. No it’s a fan page for David Michael Thomas- actor, author and fictional character.

  17. WTF would anyone want to do this?

  18. Essentially it’s a glass bottle or jar with a modified lid such that you vaporize your spice and then inhale it in one go.

  19. Why is this next level? Avoiding collisions is what driving is all about

  20. What this sub needs is a moderator or two...

  21. That’s a good idea too 👍

  22. Good. Biden is my president and I’m not interested in his opinion of Jesus

  23. The biggest problem with most horizontal carry knives is the sheath. Over time they stretch out and no longer hold the knife securely.

  24. I don’t. Fuck that fandom shit.

  25. If atheists seem angry maybe it’s because their sick and tired of religious zealots trying to control their lives with laws that are inspired you the Bible.

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