1. Can you two retards just shut the fuck up and post hot pictures of Anna & Dasha?

  2. It’s interesting to see ppl talk about the Chiefs the same way they talked about the Pats

  3. The Chiefs have 1 penalty for 5 yards in 6 quarters against the Jags this year and it was a false start on a PAT

  4. I’m from Jacksonville and I support the Jaguars because I’m a masochist

  5. My Aunt and cousins went to Bishop Kenny, this seems like a pervasive take amongst all of them lol.

  6. I'm from Pittsburgh originally but my Mom is from St. Augustine and my Dad is from Japan so all of my football fandom is filtered through Northeast Florida. The first game I ever saw the Jags beat the absolute ass off of the Colts in like 06 or 07 and I've been die hard ever since.

  7. It doesn’t matter. You guys should still have a chance at the division. You’re getting screwed unfortunately.

  8. If they don't play the game, someone is getting screwed no matter what.

  9. So is this saying our advanced stats are not great? I know having someone like Helle breaks that for expected goals against. But just wondering.

  10. Our advanced stats have dipped since the injuries started to pile up.

  11. Game 3 comeback has gotta be up there. Has to be the loudest the crowds ever been.

  12. Trouba scoring to tie it at 3 right after that Buff cannon is a core memory for me.

  13. He's so hot, oh my god. We traded a Finnish drip god for an absolute 10/10 ladykiller.

  14. Even in the rain Trevor impressed. Probably his best game this year so far showing off his mobility to make throws and get out of the pocket, and I think his best rushing game of the year?

  15. We won a game we were supposed to. What the fuck. What is this team and how can I keep feeling this feeling?

  16. I just can't imagine a scenario where Wilson starts another game as a Jet.

  17. ...wait, what? I like Trevor Lawrence but are you saying he's more of an advantage than Mahomes, Allen, or Burrow?

  18. The AFC is so stacked at QB it's insane. Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Tua, Lamar, Herbert, Lawrence & Streveler. God damn.

  19. Urban Meyer is somehow both the worst and best thing to happen to this franchise since Sacksonville.

  20. Trent Baalke did a great job this offseason???

  21. Ironically, the Habs own their number 1 pick for the upcoming draft...so even if the Panthers suck, they still can't turn it into a positive/ a draft gain.

  22. The "fight" with Ekblad is the one that comes to mind.

  23. Wow, I never realized how much I hated Max Domi. If this wasn't on the rink dude would be in prison. Did he get suspended for any of these?

  24. Brighter at least. We've still got most of our coldest days and most of our snow ahead of us.

  25. I've already started running out of places to put my snow, my driveway is gonna be like 3 feet wide by March at this rate.

  26. Hopefully we light up Binnington again and he as a meltdown again. I fucking hate that guy, and did way before it was cool.

  27. Live at Keewatin and Inkster? Tell me more about where I live. What am I missing?

  28. Yeah, of all the "_ & Inkster" intersections he could have picked he went with literally the least sketchy one?

  29. They're trying to get to you, don't let them win.

  30. No we definitely do but some of the posts about Boeser and Petterrssonn were delusional

  31. I liked him, but he was done when Eyssimont and Harkins showed out. Hope he doesn't get claimed, but if he does, oh well.

  32. Where did he go? I feel like the DB and Gabrus used to talk about him more too.

  33. Podcast: The Ride forgot to let him out of timeout.

  34. Beating PoMo tomorrow would be so sweet. As much as I'm happy he's gone, I hope we give him a good ovation though, he was at the helm for the best Jets season since the WHA.

  35. Mom asked me to put ketchup on the grocery list. Now I can't see anything.

  36. The new Winnipeg team in the CEBL will be the Sea Bears

  37. When I think of Winnipeg, I think of the sea... Was it too difficult to just call them the Polar Bears lmfao?

  38. Maybe that name was taken? Vegas wanted to be the Black Knights but the Army has that name for their sports teams

  39. Yeah idk. Just seems odd is all. Can't think of any pro teams or colleges in Canada named the Polar Bears, maybe the Zoo blocked it lol.

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