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  1. GME is the biggest game of hot potato for shorts.

  2. Where can we order from the USA?

  3. I just ordered through that link, used translate on the page to navigate it.

  4. I only accept free games purchased at GameStop.

  5. Lanning better clean house on defense for next season.

  6. Oregon is the I’ll fucking do it again meme right now and I hate it.

  7. I wonder if coaches taught players to never do the I’m innocent raised hands, if there’s be less penalties.

  8. One of my favorites, I always get one when I see it on tap. That or the Indeed Mexican Honey (not lite, fuck that).

  9. If $GME closes above $40 tomorrow, I will take my 9V GameStop battery and shove it into my beeping smoke detector.

  10. Downloading the wallet app and importing my wallet was dead easy using the pass phrases.

  11. How did you install if it you didn't find it in the store?

  12. wallet.gamestop.com link has a link to the app store.

  13. I feel bad for Fields, he really played well but that last series was some trash playcalling.

  14. Maybe it's just me, but it always feels like a 50/50 chance of something bad happening when Mariota executes well.

  15. This puts a bow on Lewis’ season this year. I’m sure he sort of relieved.

  16. Bono my floor is gone (fastest sector) lol

  17. Nothing wrong with the Alpine, they’re just retiring Alonso as a “fuck you” /s

  18. CFB gods were not pleased by all the near upsets.

  19. Just a meme post about RC's most recent tweet regarding teddy.com

  20. 100% posting this with love because people have found some amazing easter egg/tie ins with GME and MOASS while a few others... lol

  21. Looking forward to the day when GME is way above max pain.

  22. Any time I see more than one positive spin on TA or the "last time this happened" posts, I expect a dip.

  23. This crab 'bout to start walking up a hill that never ends.

  24. Random article with the headline, “The Case for GameStop hitting $100 in 2023” popped up in Google. Sus.

  25. That was actually a pretty decent article I read the whole thing. Positive spin on the nft marketplace

  26. I finally had time to read it and you're right. Even talks about the short squeeze still being a play and goes into the stock going up on fundamentals alone via revenue from NFTs.

  27. I know, not related to GME, but its seriously death spiral city for towel stock. They are doing another stock offering to eliminate $123m in debt, issuing 11.7 million shares. For a stock that is already down like 75% YTD, this isn't good. Roughly a 10% dilution to eliminate 23% of their debt.

  28. Fool Popcorn $APEs once, shame on Popcorn. Fool Popcorn $APEs twice, shame on them.

  29. You know when you're in public and you really have to take a shit but now's not the right time, so you hold it and the longer you hold it the stronger and more panicky the urge gets? This is what today's chart reminds me of today. Someone's about to shit their shorts.

  30. Watch Checo give Lewis his first win of the season in Abu Dhabi by defending against Max like a lion.

  31. Say what you will about Perez but he really knows how to make his rear end so big.

  32. I’m no strategist, but it’s going to insane if Hamilton can stretch these medium to the end. I have to imagine everyone ahead will need to stop again.

  33. I’d love to see a Vettel podium today, his pace looks solid.

  34. I feel bad for Bennett. He’s been responsible for two TDs.

  35. We can win with Ty…….. if he hands it off and Noah or Bucky run it in for a TD

  36. If I win one, I'll buy another copy to PIF.

  37. I wonder how much damage George's floor has, damn.

  38. I don't appreciate how you're wasting my money, Kenny.

  39. With everything going on, I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for a borrow fee spike next week.

  40. Tom Emmer did vote AGAINST the Short Sales Transparency and Market Fairness Act..

  41. Dude is my "representative" and a total piece of shit.

  42. All these pre-black friday deals just look pathetic compared to the current GME discount.

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