1. if this is a bad reason to hate a matchup then what isn't at this point

  2. is animation potential not one of the two basic things you need for a matchup

  3. How are they gonna do this fight hand drawn when Omnilander had a fight that was barely two minutes

  4. Benson totally misinterprets his character pitting him against Squidward. He's not always this angry character and it can't be blamed since he has to put up with two slackers all the time. He actually enjoys his job and is dedicated to it being the hard worker he is as opposed to Squidward who loathes his job and is negative all the time.

  5. I mean I could say that Finn and Jake are energetic adventurers while Mordecai and Rigby are slackers and therefore it misrepresents both

  6. I don't like it when it doesn't really sound like a track name, I don't remember any examples though

  7. Great because Knuckles shitstomps that asshole we know as Bakugou. Fuck him, no amount of character development can make up for that suicide line he told Deku.

  8. They look like official Death Battle thumbnails in a simplistic good way

  9. Dbm users when someone doesn’t make a thumbnail that has staggering effects and multiple random shit in the tn:

  10. Their AP mostly caps at City level. The reason they beat all these is because of In-Birth logic (In-Births are described to be beings both alive and dead at the same time, and the only way to kill them is to completely delete them from existence. And not just vaporising the body. Everything from the mind to the body and soul has to be deleted from reality for an In-Birth to truly die once and for all. Everyone acknowledges this as the truth in Vs Debates involving Under Night. Plus, their hax is bullshit. Hyde (the guy with the red sword that beats Traveler) has the Insulator, a sword which lets him slice through existence itself and negate immortality, letting him kill things that cannot be killed. Gordeau (the guy who beats Ban) has claws which let him rip souls to pieces, a perfect counter to Ban's immortality.

  11. Yep. Doesn't help that Carmine can exploit his powers since apparently Bakugo can now detonate his own blood if what happened in the manga is any indication. Carmine could theoretically activate Bakugo's Quirk without Bakugo's consent, blowing him up from the inside.

  12. Y'all need to stop hyping these arc vilians. Also can Y'all wait? Y'all literally say every week character [name] will never be seen again.

  13. It was 3 years for inaba and medicine too. You guys say a new name every few weeks

  14. Inaba and Medicine weren't hyped up as a former fang working with the bad guys

  15. Like, I'm not even joking. I really, really tried to find even one meme that doesn't rehash the same point or touch on that she's the worst character ever. All I wanted was one. Or her flat chest but that's a child and weird so I didn't add any of those for obvious reasons.

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