1. Slight spoiler, just so you aren't left with the wrong expectation - ||the song itself won't come up again||.

  2. I don't cry very frequently either. It's less to do with my gender and more to do with other experiences that led me to believe crying was something I couldn't do. not crying doesn't make you less valid, and it is okay to cry if the time comes. you are lovely and valid.

  3. more happy gay sounds for you, Amelia. Ammy.

  4. as someone who did not grow up with them and then got pseudo-periods after I started taking estrogen, they suck! I thought my appendix ruptured the first time it happened and it hurt!! however I have boobs so I think I'll let the discomfort slide

  5. I forged a contract with my patron saint that I must never lie in exchange for knowing exceptional truths, and one such truth is that YOURE PRETTY BITCH

  6. what if, and consider for a moment, you are not looking at yourself from an objective point of view and in fact your subjectivity has been tainted by dysphoria so you only see what you consider to be flaws and have trained yourself not to see yourself for the beautiful person you are

  7. unrelated where do I get blank images of this girl

  8. most people don't detransition. the numbers are overinflated by people who hate us and want to discourage people from transitioning, but it in fact rarely happens.

  9. Addison!! she's a real sweetheart, and they've got good memes :)

  10. talk about how you feel with him. if he's someone you trust, he'll probably be supportive, and you can move forward at least as friends.

  11. I've just come to expect nothing from Netflix. if a show gets a good amount of marketing, it's not gonna be queer. if it gets no marketing, there'll be decent rep and it'll get canned after one season. All I can hope for is that Wednesday does it right with the inevitable second season, but I know that'll never happen. They've done it before where they tease the audience with a queer character and they'll cancel the show as soon as they kiss, and they'll do it again.

  12. none because nobody is gonna see it anyway 😎

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