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  • By - zTua

  1. Joker the zoophile, the highly anticipated sequel to Joker the groomer

  2. Cant wait for them to announce Joker the Necrophiliac to complete the Trilogy

  3. I have a few plantbased friends and they buy leather, buy pets from breeders, and donโ€™t care about beauty products and cosmetics using animal testing. They go to zoos and aquariums. If it came out tomorrow that we eliminated 100% of emissions from raising cattle theyโ€™d be eating steak the next minute.

  4. Or an unlucky person with a very "democratic" government where all actual news is banned and a tweeting turquoise bird app is one of the few domestic news sources you have...

  5. My brother I LIVE in one of those countries and no, twitter isn't banned because they need their paid troll army in field. They do restrict bandwith when their army fails to create the illusion they want. And no, reaching a foreign news website alone isn't enough to gauge how everyone else is doing or feeling on the matter. Spend enough time you can separate trolls from real people like chaff and stones. Must be mighty comfy in that first worlder chair you sit, but the "shithole world" operates a little differently and we'd like to know if / when shit goes down for real. Welcome to the Middle East.

  6. Dr. Stone is an anime just about this. Except the book is his brain.

  7. The only NATO aligned country that could conceivably get into a land war with China is South Korea, which makes it's own tank. Plus USA, which does likewise.

  8. Your right, it's way better as soup base for tomato soups ๐Ÿ˜‹

  9. lol as a Polish person that has talked to many Germans, racism is still alive and well

  10. The poland that's getting its EU funding withheld because its alt right gouverment keeps trying to overthrow the judiciary?

  11. That has literally nothing to do with people in germany being racist, and lmao nice try injecting american politics into this

  12. There's a pretty huge diffrence between something not making a consistent profit and not being economically feasible.

  13. the rules are simple: whoever wins gets to bomb qatar

  14. Didn't he make humans "based on his image" or something? That should require him to have some kind of physical manifestation.

  15. As we all do, however, I'll reiterate that some people act like they've been born in a place like South Sudan. I question why they do not leave when they have made it clear that they dispise the land they are in.

  16. We're specifically talking about America here. You do need to go through the motions, but they aren't impossible, and many people have done it before.

  17. I mean peta is not wrong. Only pregnant cows produce milk and how do you get a bunch of cows pregnant in an efficient manner? Stick some bull jizz in there, with your hand or with a machine. Just because peta is cringe doesn't mean they're wrong about the brutality of the modern factory farm. What should be done about it is another question.

  18. They are trying to project human concepts onto animals which isnt very applicaple.

  19. wait seriously? "raping animals is morally acceptable" do you believe that? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  20. Equating Aryifical insemination with rape is about as rational as equating eating plants with murder.๐Ÿ˜ถ

  21. Watch The Owl House or you will hear a quiet demonic creak from your bathroom at 3:54 AM on June 7th, 2024

  22. Put all your money into the first crypto scam you see when opening twitter.

  23. Everyone has a duty to report that tweet, he cant just keep wording his way around directly comparing LGBTQ to Gr**mers and then acting like a victim when people call him out on his cuntish behaviour

  24. better to tweet it at advertisers so they pull out and the site dies faster

  25. At least we don't kill 2500 people abroad every single year. French people do die thanks to German coal though.

  26. To pretty much anyone commenting here negatively about BJ: at the very begining of war Melnyk (then ambassador in Germany) said that he was told that Ukraine will fall "in a few hours" in

  27. Doesn't the bulk of their GDP come from gas exports though?

  28. Nah he didnt "leave" on his own. He pretty much got fired as CEO

  29. Didnt PayPal litterly kick him as CEO cause he was running the company into the ground?

  30. Everyone knows ligma males are better than sigma males

  31. I hope he sends out a single tweet just to push his own platform and then gets banned again

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