1. Now I have extra time to beat fallen order niiiice

  2. I wish that boy the best, and I truly thank you for sharing such a strong amazing boy may he binky with all the nanna

  3. Obviously he have us a peep at the new jojo lands mc

  4. I gotta do another playthrough now thank you op <3

  5. I grew up with that smell so i kinda like it unfortunately

  6. Never even use it as a heavy weapons build but I do despise it.

  7. They should add a new mechanic to the next fallout where you can soldier dive into the soil in front of you to then eat your opponents ass for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds and do a fixed amount a damage depending on the session length with chance to charm depending on how good the eating was! I think it would change the game with more stealth options as well as having different tongue animations for the enclave / synths! Cmon Bethesda give the gamers what we want!

  8. My god I see why the legion follow him! So strong looking

  9. This is why new vegas holds such a special place in my heart

  10. Always a joy to see that lil good boy doin good

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