1. Well the front fell off in this case, by all means, but it's very unusual.

  2. Makita is cheaping out making tools with cardboard derivatives

  3. The rule with moose is if you have a choice of driving off a cliff, or hitting the moose, you drive off the cliff. Better chance of surviving.

  4. My neighbour died hitting a moose near Thunder Bay on his Harley. They're tall enough that the bike basically fits right under them and you hit them at full force.

  5. Sure, why not? Best case scenario is it works and worst case scenario is you end up wrapped around a tree or flipped in a ditch. Modern problems require modern solutions, my friend.

  6. As my uncle used to say before he died tragically: "you don't get rich spending money on new tires"

  7. His cappa is detated from his head. He was drunk as a skunk, he was flying down Route 6. He slides under an 18 wheeler. Pop. It snaps right off.

  8. They used the same paint shop Dodge used for the Sprinters they sold

  9. Pretty sure you need a real estate license to sell a car this big

  10. My first car was a rusted out, stick shift, 2 door Ford Tempo. Shitty, but in all the best ways for a teenager.

  11. Family friend bought the same car and hated it. Sad part is that he traded his G37 for it.

  12. I hate to be that guy, but trading in a G37 for an Avenger sounds like other life choices lead to that disappointment as well. I went from a base Civic with no A/C or power locks. It's hard to go from something sporty/luxurious to the mediocre.

  13. I always thought it was bad to stand there and watch the tree fall, you should be high tailing it outa there. I am not a lumberjack.

  14. I too am not a lumberjack, but this is my technique when dropping a tree in my property. I had one surprise me with a bounce that scared the crap out of me.

  15. Tire pressure sensor. Falls out when your tire gets low. Top up your tire and shove it back in.

  16. The trick to blending oil is you have to add 50:1 2-stroke oil so that they mix right

  17. Money back guarantee. So if aliens come and this thing doesn’t go off, you get your 17.95 back?

  18. They stand behind it. My friend Shawn got abducted while he was sleeping one night. They probed him and everything. Alarm never went off so they gave him his $17 back.

  19. I want the sport, 4 wheel version that has a motorbike on each side

  20. Posh British accent in the front, rowdy Aussie in the back

  21. These are clearly shit stains on a bed sheet

  22. Give it a few weeks and the adult tooth should grow in

  23. Ya most vehicles I see here in Canada have a thing in the engine block called a block heater to keep the oil warm

  24. Yeah, some manufacturers just make them standard equipment for vehicles sold here. It's not that necessary where I live, but I always found it interesting heading north or out to the prairies and seeing parking lots full of outlets for people to plug into.

  25. They're all dangerous idiots, but that Ram is the most likely to kill me. It's just a lot of metal tailgating me and trying to make sketchy passes even though I'm already well over the speed limit.

  26. I'm going to start referring to it as the air hole

  27. It's very effective at reducing airborne plankton

  28. I've never gotten over the feeling of riding my brother's big wheel. Felt like a million bucks as a kid. I want this.

  29. There was a reason the US banned that layout of trike when the Japanese manufacturers produced them.....

  30. Because people let their kids ride them without supervision?

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