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U.S. appeals court grants Justice Dept expedited appeal in Trump case

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  1. I'm not too concerned because I post this and report it on posts that aren't GME related and the mods ignore it every time. I mean it's Rule 2 but they actively don't give a shit lol

  2. considering it doesn't matter at all, i'm surprised it's a debate

  3. You can be scared and do this but god damn are all of them across the board brave as hell

  4. They're fine. Let it get to room temp and shake the hell out of that syringe (with the cap still on) for 45-60 seconds. Spores clump together so you just gotta break them up before inoculation

  5. It happens when there isn't enough fresh air exchange in your grow. I want to say that's the product of CO2 build up. It's harmless, but can look spooky if you haven't seen it before

  6. Posting for visibility. Also want to know lol. Had a huge first flush but a crazy amount of pins that didn't go anywhere.

  7. Videogames on shrooms is so much fun for me. Open world just losing my mind

  8. Ok ngl sounds hella fun rn. Rdr2 damn

  9. It's very fun but to each their own. I also love walking and being alone with nature. It's a very very special feeling understanding, truly, how connected everything is. Like we all understand this concept, but it's different when you're tripping. It's a very powerful feeling.

  10. Pretty soon I'd say. Within 1-3 days tops. But be on the look out they go from chill to spores all over real quick

  11. Truly a thing of beauty. I've heard they have a very interesting almost styrofoam/board material inside. This true?

  12. Yes, of course. Any reasons for why you think it wouldn't be necessary?

  13. I'm very happy for your outcome but so incredibly sad at the state of our insanely broken healthcare system

  14. This isn’t necessarily about GameStop. They aren’t generating cash from operations.. yet..

  15. It never is. Fuck Burry and his obnoxiously cryptic tweets. He made one correct prediction nearly 20 years ago and nothing since then. I don't get why people hop on his dick when he tweets anything he farts through his fingers

  16. At one time it was embarrassing to have things reversed as it definitely reflects poorly on you as a jurist, but in Cannon's case she is so unqualified anyway that she probably never had any respect to lose. My guess would be she is hoping should trump return to the White House she would be rewarded with a more senior posting in a higher court that she would otherwise have no hope of achieving.

  17. That's probably one of the scarier parts about all of this to me. Amongst many things, so many people in powerful positions were so convinced that Trump was going to successfully overthrow America and become the dick-tater he's always wanted to be that they simply said "fuck it" and did whatever they wanted if it meant it would fall favorably in his lap. Then down the road hopefully be rewarded for being domestic terrorists.

  18. Yep. I am not a true believer anymore. That's just a group of old people who may or may not give a shit about my general well being or the logical conclusions of their actions.

  19. Oh they absolutely do not give a shit about you. Or anyone further than they can throw their wallet

  20. Hydration is important for all bodily processes. Cells need water to function properly. Water doesn't just flow through your digestive tract and out; it gets distributed throughout your body.

  21. I channel 100% of my water intake to my hands. Going for that hotdog finger vibe

  22. My penis usually jets around the room like a balloon quickly releasing air. That's when I know it's the good shit

  23. Fortnite is unique in it's constant evolution. If you've been a casual player you'd be more grounded but if you've been away for four to five years then it's certainly a much more different game. I still find it extremely entertaining. My only real sadness comes from the fact that it went from really really fun and engaging lore to selling out to pop culture. So expect there to be lots of star wars and marvel and currently trending musicians and no lore at all.

  24. Lol yeah it was bad. I'm bad at this. I should stick to creating doom with my legs

  25. Him and Kona are both known for being not the greatest people so I’m not surprised by this salty ass IG story.

  26. Unfortunate to hear about Kona. She seemed rad but if this is the kind of salty twat she enjoys to spend time with I can't imagine her attitude off the course being much better

  27. This is a nice discussion about Colten...Kona had already said her peace and was obviously disappointed with her season and it weighed on her mentally..Colten sounds like he got rejected by a cute girl and said "she ugly anyways"..I like Colten, dude, it's just 1 of those seasons, maybe next year. No need to put down anyone or anything...BOTH WAYS PEOPLE..BLNT

  28. You can't fire me! I quit! This job is a gimmick! Unless you hire me back in which case it's a reputable organization I enjoy working for

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