1. Be skeptical of anyone who proclaims an exact IQ like 164

  2. Especially an ASVAB of 88. I got a 96, but I'm nowhere near 164. 164 IQ would be a 99% on an ASVAB; they would score a perfect score.

  3. Misandry is bad but not as widespread or systemically ingrained as misogyny. Please don’t commit either.

  4. Systemic: Draft, conviction rates vs women, homelessness, workplace deaths, custody and divorce, etc.

  5. I’ve never experienced it in my life, at least not that I recall. Is it really as common as reddit makes it out to be?

  6. It is even systemic: Draft, conviction rates vs women, homelessness, workplace deaths, custody and divorce, etc.

  7. What's the time cost of making a healthy meal at affordable prices, though?

  8. 5-10 minutes of prep and every now-and-then, check on food

  9. Yeah, it's not the price, it's more a lack of proper education that folks in poverty don't often get.

  10. Everyone literally has access to almost all human knowledge at their fingertips.

  11. Going to 3+ grocery stores in a week. I have two small children and going into any store is literal torture. I can do Costco one day and Aldi another, and that’s it. I’m not going to a third or fourth store to save $1.50 on blueberries.

  12. Kids shouldn't make it torture to do tasks. Sounds like a parenting issue...

  13. Hahaha, sounds like you don’t have kids! I was a perfect parent before I had children as well.

  14. Just keep letting your children walk over you. I'm out.

  15. What......the fuck. How is energy efficiency setting on a piece of hardware woke? I don't get it. This probably is the stupidest woke false flag story I've seen.

  16. Very stupid. I'm right-leaning, and this makes no sense. Using less power lowers coal usage, driving the demand down. Republicans are all about fossil fuels and the economic viability. This makes coal and gas power even more economically viable. Stupid take.

  17. I’m sorry that didn’t go through. You’ll have to insert the chip.

  18. Doom Eternal’s optimization is some demonic sorcery shit. It’s insane how well optimized that game is.

  19. What’s makes you prefer Linux? Genuinely don’t know. I’ve never been using my pc and been like ‘goddamn windows hindering what I’m trying to do!’ Is it just for specific software or something?

  20. The ability to do whatever you want with your device is the best thing about Linux.

  21. That’s the thing I don’t get, what do you want to do that you need Linux for, I feel like I can do whatever I want on windows. What the other guys said makes sense about servers and stuff but I don’t get the use case for the average person who just plays steam games, uses YouTube, email, and Microsoft word

  22. You also get privacy with no telemetry (you can do this with a stripped down version of Windows,but it severely limits the OS). It is just as simple as Windows and far faster even for those rudimentary "average person" tasks.

  23. It was just a joke really, and yes, if one fails you lose everything. While that is true, not many users utilize the drives enough to reach the point of durability issues.

  24. What the hell do you do for fun? I bet you just watch TV.

  25. Ehhhhhhhhhh I’d rather just have 2 monitors. Just don’t understand ultrawide

  26. You get an aspect ratio more similar to your vision.

  27. 7900XT is not displaying out or showing up in device manager. What do I do?

  28. Only way OP found this out is they got mad after not booting and taught it a fucking lesson.

  29. You should get the side panel perforated. Ez solution.

  30. If you want the aesthetics of all-intake look, couldn't you just reverse pin polarity or since they're DC, it won't work?

  31. I'm right there with you. The grammar made it impossible to read.

  32. Crows or deepest secrets. Both could earn you lots of money.

  33. GOG galaxy is missing.. But GOG galaxy is actually usefull. Strongly recommend it when you have multiple launchers. It basically combines all your games from different launchers in one place. It shows how many games you have in total, witch ones are installed etc.. Strongly recommend.

  34. No because the more spread out you are the harder it is to get things like food etc. Cities usually have more walking, public transportation, vegan options, etc so they’re arguably better.

  35. Typical infrastructure would be far cheaper and much more useful and efficient.

  36. Every year or so. It doesn't matter how often or rarely I upgrade something, I don't get any benefits from SFF and it makes my occasional upgrade harder, so I don't want it.

  37. Those other points are good ones, I just never understood the hard to upgrade one people make. It really isn't that much more difficult.

  38. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/10bn6w0/once_you_go_sff_you_never_go_back/j4bj6ek/

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