1. I like how their relationship is portrayed in Put Your Curse in Reverse.

  2. Actually, not only “Strangers” but all stories by

  3. I think the scryer tool on DLP will do what you want.

  4. For authors that write great post DH canon compliant fics, you can't go wrong with Northrumbrian and FloreatCastellum.

  5. I appreciate this very much. Where are they posted? FFNET? AO3? Tumblr?

  6. You can find them on both ao3 and ffn. Here are the ao3 links. FloreatCastellum has a lot of works - I particularly enjoyed The Aurors. Link included below.

  7. Here are some of the fics in my favorites that I don't believe can be found on AO3. None of these have female protagonists unfortunately, but they all have very interesting world building and none of them are romance focused.

  8. "before they convinced you life is war" was wild. One of my favorite crossover fics just for how the premise of that universe worked.

  9. Beyond the Curtain and Parallel Journey are the some of the first ones that come to mind for me. They both have great stories and fantastic world building additions.

  10. At Unseen University: no one notices with the exception of the Librarian. I'd wager that even if Harry loudly and frequently proclaimed himself not to be Ponder Stibbons the faculty would continue to insist that he was.

  11. I like the born from an affair angle. That gives some plausibility to why he'd be spurned. The WBWL premise always comes across as attrociously contrived to me, but I do think this makes it better.

  12. There's Stages of Hope if you haven't read it yet.

  13. I saw this one recommended on this subreddit a couple days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  14. Here's a handful of my favorites. (Also, Frickles already mentioned it, but I highly recommend A Straight Flush - it's fantastic)

  15. Are there any other requirements besides "no-Hermione," because that could be almost anything...

  16. Are you thinking of this one?

  17. Do you need it to be set within the Hogwarts school years? There are a lot of great canon compliant post-DH stories where characters feel true to their book selves, but they don't necessarily have the young-adult-adventure tone of the original series, if that's a deal breaker. (Personal favorites:

  18. Parallel Journey is my personal favorite for action.

  19. Love it as a prompt. Grindelwald achieving more success and Riddle becoming something of a morally grey anti-hero as a result is one of my favorite premises that I don't see often. The only ones I know that do something similar are The Skitterleap and Parallel Journey. Would love to see more stories that use it as a jumping off point.

  20. As others have said, it's entirely dependent on execution.

  21. Just a one-shot, but it's a really nice MoD Harry interacting with Sandman's Death fic.

  22. Definitely read Northumbrian.

  23. I am very sorry but I ended up making this very long. So far I have been trying to make sections and keep organized but there’s just so much.

  24. One thing I often like to know that's a little subjective is genre. Is it mystery, action/adventure, romance, etc?

  25. Hello! You have made the mistake of writing "ect" instead of "etc."

  26. You should definitely try "In the Bleak Midwinter".

  27. After months of leaving it languishing on my "must really read" list, I finally read Blackpool this week.

  28. Rose Weasley and the Rebirth of Slytherin

  29. Interesting. I'll read. Because I made up a headcannon that that the Statue of Secrecy is key to purebloods families manipulate the muggle world and hold power without resistence. I think this way all the neurotic of wizarding authorities attitude is explained.

  30. As a warning, this is the Seventh Horcrux "not-a-sequel" sequel, so it's pure crack not a serious dive into the Statute of Secrecy failing repercussions. It is very fun though.

  31. Kicking Gotham by Steelbadger

  32. Kinda like world of tomorrow? This is basically the plot but he’s not a wraith and Harry wakes up

  33. Do you have a link? I wasn't able to find it with a Google search.

  34. I enjoyed The Incalculable Power a lot. It's a WIP, but so far very good.

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