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  1. How much does your pimp take?

  2. The town isn't responsible for water or electricity. Electricity is PSE&G, water is managed by the county. The town doesn't have the money or space to create it's own power plant or water treatment system, much less the infrastructure required to ensure everyone has access to it.

  3. Electric is PSEG Long Island. PSE&G is in NJ.

  4. Shelter Island was the Indians, i think they opted to change it a few years ago.

  5. Yes. They retired the name years ago.

  6. Father was found guilty on friday. Stepmother Pollina should be put away for life as well.

  7. Then they should go after everybody outside of the school district which originally reported it.

  8. Fun fact, I used to come here every year to meet up with family

  9. I gotta know. Where is this?

  10. This is nothing new. Every campaign sabotages their opponents campaigns. Been going on for years.

  11. I have a video of my wife screaming "Yes please! Please fuck my little asshole hard!!!" and getting louder and louder as I did as she asked.

  12. Well, that disappearance was quick

  13. Do you have links to these videos? Especially the first one. Sounds wild.

  14. Probably more now than ever before.

  15. What's the difference between the regular and pro?

  16. Longer battery life, wireless charging case, Noise Cancelation, Transparency mode

  17. Idk how to feel about that. I think I would not like to be Ump

  18. Well, if you watched the ball the entire way, like they are trained, this wouldn't have happened. Never take your eye off the ball.

  19. That's not how umpiring first base works, the ump is looking at the bag at all times to watch for the runner to touch the base and listen for the ball to pop the first baseman's mitt. It can't work the other way around, the pop of the mitt is too loud to watch the ball and listen for the bag touch. Especially in a screaming baseball stadium. This comment is basically completely wrong in terms of first base umpire in baseball.

  20. You are wrong. You are tracking the ball into the glove.

  21. that i fucked my friends wife on their wedding day. i was best man also. she stood next to him at the alter with my cum dripping out of her pussy

  22. And how long did you continue to bang her?

  23. The phone was jut over a year old, out if warranty, but Google (contacted them thus the Google store) made an exception and shipped me another phone. FYI. I upgraded to Android 13 a few days before the security patch bricked my phone. I also bought my phone from Google directly.

  24. ... you should be tapping that now ... she won't even let you try?

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