1. PGR story IS cruel, but it is not a bunch of teenage World-haters just enjoy keep telling you inhumane stories. instead, writers of this episode tell you both sides of war, disaster and humanity, which is in fact brings encourageness. during war, Selena's naivety crushed, but at the same time she found the meaning of her "fake" operas. as a gacha game story, it is far beyond my expect.

  2. Except then she's torn apart in the most edgy way, left to lose her memory then used as materials by crazy people.

  3. yet she keep doing what she can do, guide army of Babylonia to space station, and in this episode, destroyed the infection core even take risk of her life, she knows what she could do and never regret it

  4. Was her reasoning for becoming a construct actually dumb? What’s your opinion?

  5. during war, Selena's naivety crushed, but at the same time she found the meaning of her "fake" operas. it is a “negation of negation". without that, she will just keep falling into confusion and never have a answer again.

  6. By Kung Fu Girl i understand that you are talking about Pulao.

  7. Right why are people using S Liv now instead of eclipse? Or am I the fool for being unable to read patch notes?

  8. because S Liv have a new set of skills which brings 100% crit rate for teammates, makes her a ultra powerful physic support

  9. VLDR says:

    I yell "ZA WARUDO" right before he goes into matrix but I can never get him to say "muda"

  10. well, unlike Star Platinum, “muda” is also yell out by stand user.

  11. Late, but I heard that you can get any S character to SS without rolling more dupes. Does this mean that if you roll some dupes, you can upgrade the character to SS straight or you should wait until you finish upgrading to SS through the f2p method before upgrading further?

  12. yes, but it should using the "skeleton-like" material to but pieces of characters. It can be get from "Pain Cage(if its Chinese name straight translate in English)" which is the one fight against three bosses a week.

  13. 升格者和构造体是一样的,都是通过活动卡池。但是目前大陆服的卡穆、曲是作为特殊的“授格者”,虽然也是卡池抽取但是不能和构造体组队

  14. there are 2 activity story which doesn't belong to main chapter:

  15. “I'a I'a.Cthulhu Fhatgn! ” (there are some Cthulhu mythos' Ingredients in her information)

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