1. Notley has a pretty narrow plank to walk on. Despite being an astute , skilled and very smart person she has not had much luck with relationships and gaining allies, . She did her best during her first tenure as Premier , but the end result of her dealings with Ottawa and Trudeau did not go well for her. How that is portrayed and managed during an election campaign will be important. Relations with BC NDP government ? Much the same . Relations with Singh? Toxic would not be far off. Relations with the other neighbour, SK? Unlikely allies.

  2. I doubt Trudeau gets involved. He didn't take the bait with the stupid sovereignty act, he won't wade into the Alberta election.

  3. Read between the lines and Mitchell just said the riders arr a tire fire and he wasn't signing there.

  4. I do vote but many Xennials like me don't simply because they don't see the point... you essentially have party A who wants policies to screw us in favor of the boomers vs party B who wants a different set of policies to screw us in favor of the boomers. Combine it with highly inconvenient voting locations (at my hold home the voting location was a 60 minute transit ride from my house as you had to go all the way back to the c-train station to switch buses) and they would rather just get home.

  5. but if you are a reliable voting block parties start to offer things to get your vote. Staying away and not voting just reinforces the pandering to boomers who do show up and vote.

  6. Not sure when they did that filming but they were smart to pick Saskatchewan. Winnipeg has great fans but nobody weathers the bad years like the Riders. Hats off. They are the best.

  7. Bullshit. One half assed poor year and the rider bandwagon is emptying pretty quick. What happened was the Riders were complete and utter dog shit for years and years and then in the 2000s they started to be OK and then won some Grey Cups in the late 2000s and TSN entered this nonstop blowing smoke up rider fans asses thing because they had some real diehard who went through those hard times... but oh so many of the rider fans who pretend to be the die hards only jumped on the bandwagon whent he team was on the way up. A good long stretch of being back to being the leagues embarassment to thin out their ranks will do a world of good.

  8. And another one that was better than being a "movie" movie was superhero movie.

  9. I just watched the trailer and it looks really, really bad. I'm gonna go ahead and trust the 16% Rotten Tomatoes score on this one.

  10. Well it's not like it's a high bar to jump over to be better than shit like epic movie, and it's certainly nowhere close to Not Another Teen Movie... but it's better than the rest of the movie movies of the same era.

  11. end of price gouging, funny joke.

  12. Preston Manning the leader of the Reform party when it started. It has since merged with the old CPC to form the current conservative party. He was recently in the news for taking 250k for sitting on a covid panel.

  13. Refoooooooooooorrrrrmmmmmmmmm Party.

  14. Yeah the story doesn't go away because Notley supporters have already decided that she's guilty and won't accept any result that doesn't validate their opinions.

  15. Smith set herself up for it by campaigning on it, openly talking about it and trying to hand wave away what she actually meant.

  16. What do you think the likelihood is that she was just lying to her supporters?

  17. She does nothing but lie, which is why she doesn't get the benefit of the doubt on anything. Get an actual thorough independent review and let's see what the actual truth is.

  18. Casey Printers was simply a one hit wonder. Lots of guys can have a good rookie season when no one knows what they are all about but once teams get some film on you it become very much harder to have success and Printers was never able to adapt. Throw in an entitled attitude and boom, wash out.

  19. His performance during the grey cup game I think has earned him at least a chance be a starter in the CFL. Saskatchewan would be a logical place for him to get that chance given their issues with Fajardo.

  20. what performance was that? The one play where he made a tackler miss and picked up a big gain? Cause Fajardo did that against the Bombers last season too. Real story of the Grey Cup was the Bombers offense doing diddly squat against the Argos D.

  21. While I think rent is outrageous right now at the end of the day renting out a house is an attempt to make a money- for someone to make a living or save for retirment or what ever else. There absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are many costs. Advertising the home to rent, Their time meeting with potential tenants ( time is a cost) Property repairs, not to mention the initial down payment to purchase the property ( usually a min of 20% for an intended rental property). Then there is property taxes, HOA fee and don't forget insurance. There's also the risk of bad tenants who don't pay rent or destroy the property.

  22. Wife and I have been subsidizing a tenant in Vancouver for years because rent can't be raised fast enough to keep up with expenses. It's a long term game though. House in calgary does cover most costs at the time (sad thing is we could have got more in rent than we wound up doing but opted to go a bit lower in hopes of maintaining a good tenant if prices on rents do drop) but fully expecting to have to replace some appliances and things sooner than later so more expenses. Yes I realize reddit will hate me but landlording ain't free money. It's a long term investment which will hopefully pay off.

  23. Please send me your address and I’ll send a card. I feel terrible that you thought housing was a safe gamble and now you are SUBSIDIZING? I thought I had it bad, renting forever, but you - you are the hero. DM and I’ll send donuts.

  24. Never asked for sympathy, never said there should be no risk, but this idea that landlords are just bad people gaining easy money is as ludicrous as anything.

  25. He looked to have potential but he couldn't go to the grey cup because his vax status and I think that's was why he didn't play in 22.

  26. He shouldn't have trouble. Couture likely moves on and Eli was ahead of gray in 2019. Guy is a really good player was only the Vax status kept him away.

  27. Gray had a whole year of starts(and is a hometown boy) to improve. While Eli has 4 starts in 5 years(2018 knee injury, 19 rookie WBB year backed up, 20 covid, 21 4 starts, 22 DNP). Kolankowski stepped in to start most the year at centre with Couture hurt.

  28. Beating out kolankowski won't be a challenge. Like I said, he was ahead of gray last time he was here and is much more suited to the interior. The guy was a steal in the draft we got him because no one else knew he even wanted to play.

  29. I was on TikTok the other night with some live panel of people who I'm sure were freedom convoy-adjacent, if nothing else, who stated if we raise taxes, then all the rich people will leave the country.

  30. One of the first things the UCP did in Alberta was give businesses a big tax break... and a bunch of them left anyway. Tax people fairly and go after the tax dodgers harder. If they leave they leave.

  31. The only things I’ve ever heard coming out of Alberta since Smith assumed the premiership are:

  32. Welcome to her entire political career. It's no surprise she never led the wild rose party to a win.

  33. And yet there is still a very real chance of them winning the next election. Alberta is a great province for a lot of things but man the way people vote.....

  34. But it makes sense if Mitchell goes to the ticats. Evans needs to land somewhere and sask wants a qb. Will be hilarious to see Evans behind a poor ol though. Guy has a history of folding like a cheap suit under pressure

  35. Good riddance to a guy whi never wanted to play here and has been forcefully shoved down everyone's throat because he had a good summer last year.

  36. Napoleon Dynamite I love dumb comedies but this????? Oh I get The joke. Just not funny

  37. Amen. Like yeah I get it.... just not that funny.

  38. They were being funny. Because Justin is like a woman, and women suck, I guess.

  39. Maybe they're just deeply uncomfortable with their own desire to make love to a man named Justin and need to lie to themselves?

  40. She either did or she didn't. It's not a matter of being precise. It's a matter of not lying. This isn't difficult. Well, maybe for anyone but Danielle Smith.

  41. Even if she was truly just imprecise in what she says.... is this really the person people want leading the province? Seems every other day she has misspoke about something and has to clarify. She is either a corrupt liar or inept. Either should disqualify her.

  42. Seems like an unlimited bucket of money at that place. A new building for management just opened. Sure it was partially sponsored, but they covered a good chunk but to mention the ongoing additional operational costs.

  43. Yeah there are plenty of other capital areas not having money spent on them at this point. There are a whole whack of buildings at that campus so there is always a massive budget for capital projects. So you see the big flashy new buildings sure, but if not that then they would have sunk the budget into renovating older buildings (which is also happening as part of the grant they got for sustainability. )

  44. Not really, because the libs stay there too. They only go as far left as they need to in order to sway potential NDP voters. All these people are still basically on the side of money/power.

  45. Yeah but without the baggage of the far right you don't think people would drop Trudeau like a bad habit for a moderate conservative option?

  46. Keystone xl has too much local opposition even with federal blessing i doubt the US ever gets that thing built. Was never going to go ahead which makes me even angrier that Jason Kenney wasted a billion dollars of tax payer money on it.

  47. But how do they plan on doing that? Takes years to draft and develop the players required to have a good offensive line. Or you go heavier on the imports but you still need to have the right pieces in place. If it was an easy fix they'd have done it already. Their OL will be a sore point next season as well.

  48. As a bombers fan myself, he's still a terrible QB. He's a running back. His throwing arm isn't good enough to make any defense stop blitzing him. I watched the jets game he got in. He just ran. He's fast and a great runner, but the one throw is saw was terrible

  49. That's bullshit. His arm is fine. He made some young qb mistakes forcing the ball at times, but he can play qb AND run all over a defence. He's not Cody Fajardo or anything. Paul Lapolice turned him into a gimmick. If he was here with Pierce as OC no one would question this ability to throw.

  50. No, it isn't. I'm a bombers season ticket holder as well. I love the CFL, but half the bomber fans cream over the guy. He was always a one trick pony. His arm is not good enough to be a consistent aerial threat. If Pierces' game plan was to do QB runs all the time the I guess no one would question since all he can do is run and get maybe one good throw off a game. He looked good against Saskatchewan in the WCF because they didn't game plan for him at all. Watch the jets game. Is arm was on full display

  51. He didn't look good in the wcf. It was against the stamps in the semi final he had the most impact. But his arm is not a problem. It wasn't until lapo made him a gimmick he looked like only a running guy. He can make all the throws.

  52. I know youre being ironic but is that actually a talking point in Albertan politics?

  53. Here is my perspective... why would I pay money for a train when the tank of gas it takes to get calgary to Edmonton probably still costs less than tickets on a train would? Is the all trip time of boarding a train, travel time etc etc going to offset the relatively short 3 hours it takes me to drive from calgary to Edmonton on my own schedule?

  54. Sad when players who were as good as hefney can have their lives go to shit so quickly.

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