1. It's actually not that hard, south korea u can get citizenship by investing $$ in the country, provided you're rich

  2. Indonesia, definitely you can. US$ 1 billion today? You Indonesian tomorrow night.

  3. It was actually down for a bit

  4. This is when Singapore is their gold retirement.

  5. This so much. Work place, environment and colleagues.

  6. Gf have been using egates, buys, woodlands JB, 3 times. Yesterday train 2 way woodlands JB, both egates could not use.

  7. That's because cats in neighbourhood are chillaxing, cats in cafe... are working to make repeat customers, do we enjoy work?

  8. Yes, but bottom of the barrel.

  9. Level 4: geese are known and actively violent in the area.

  10. Level top gun: talk to me, goose

  11. A dream job is being paid to put in a ton of effort to pretend to work? At what point is this more effort than actually doing something.

  12. Already considered at paragraph 132 of the

  13. Funny how he identifies as a musician when Subhas’ claim to fame is shit-stirring.

  14. Do consider that Singapore might have way too many rules for you to follow.

  15. Sure. Wishing you the best in other countries.

  16. Working on the process to get my kids pr/citizenship, though the ICA person I spoke to said that it's not a given that they'll be successful in application even though they're the child of a citizen.

  17. PR kids school not free, if you go public school like the most of the country, starts from $255 monthly.

  18. to cash out and pay off the remaining loan amount

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