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  1. The Venn diagram of Uber hetero masculinity and homoeroticism is nearly a circle.

  2. Every action RPG I play I try to make a Conan/Fabio clone and pray there's a simple loincloth for armour.

  3. I was trying to remember where I'd seen Andrew Santino before. He plays the yacht driver guy in The Office who's supposed to transport Andy's dad's boat, and he keeps slapping Andy's hand. He also plays a guy in The League who has a dead tooth at Ruxin's work

  4. I think hes mentioned being in that episode and how he kept fucking up which hand to use as the director wanted one hand and he kept using his other hand accidentally.

  5. Throwback to when my SO got some records that unlocked his more exact Scottish ancestry. And his clan was super shitty to all of the really cool historical heroes he had. If there were someone to ruin the party, it was his people. He wasn’t too let down, but it’s still pretty funny.

  6. My clan motto mentions taking slaves.

  7. I went to the gym once with my dad and it was hilarious when it came time to change out of our sweaty clothes, because all the guys my dads age were quite happy to walk around and chat shit while completely naked !

  8. When my bleach bottle is running low I just shit in that. Saves staining the pan.

  9. I'll never forget the horror i felt when visiting my niece and her boyfriend and having to piss the chunks of shit off the back of their toilet that someone had left for me.

  10. I slept in one on a trip to Israel. Amazing food and HUGE tents. About 30 of us comfortably slept in one. We had a bonfire party before we went to sleep, and even though my bestie and I were terrorized by a GIANT fucking camel spider, the experience was one of the highlights of our trip!

  11. Would you like to making fuck? I am from Belgium and can not very good english.

  12. "You like kit kat ? How about i four finger you ? I sorry from not here."

  13. I hadn't seen my mate in a few years and went to smoke him up like old times.

  14. I miss tv background noise but we dont have an aerial or a digi box. Just firesticks which suck because if you're indecisive, you scrollmore than you view.

  15. The suicide squad is glorious. Absolute comic book movie.

  16. Makes more sense for superman to have a super tan than be pale as milk like me. I'd reflect the sun.

  17. Mf has openly admitted to being in love with his own character that he created, Chizuru, the main girl of the show.

  18. god i add attractive traits to my characters love interests but what the fuck

  19. "Her eyes were the authors favourite colour, diarrhea brown."

  20. But how ? Thats pure mental as fuck.

  21. What are these? And also who trained them to stand on hind legs and fight like humans.

  22. They're known mostly for their mating call which sounds something like

  23. My parents used to own pubs, grew up seeing how many regulars would sip their last drop without knowing that would be the last time in the pub. Similar to the day you went in from playing with your mates out in the street never to go back out there with them, you never know when it’s your last time

  24. My brother has smoked since he was about 13, and now at 36 he's been diagnosed with emphysema and stopped smoking immediately.

  25. She was in Sabrina the teenage witch TV show about 20+ years ago.

  26. This is why Marvel laughs at DC. They had a plan in place and recruited actors that would play their roles for multiple years and in an ensemble. Meanwhile, DC has the top superheroes (aside from Spider-Man and Wolverine) and is all thumbs when it comes to the DCEU.

  27. Never understood the expression "all thumbs", i mean arent thumbs the best fingers ?

  28. I laughed the other day when he said “we put our best foot forward”. If that was your best foot, Rock, I shudder to think about what your worst foot would’ve been.

  29. He said "our" best foot, meaning they probably had a whip round for the worst foot and came up with a guy with no feet and that was the best foot they put forward.

  30. Thing is Grease is supposed to be a parody of a certain archetype of teenage romance movie/show (bad boy meets good girl, cleans up his act to impress her) but did such a good job dunking on the genre that it effectively destroyed it, leaving no standing media left in the public conscious for it to be parodying. A lot of the weird idiosyncrasies of Grease are because it's trying to make fun of movies that did those same things with a straight face.

  31. Stop trying to make me think Grease is anything other than a silly musical for my mother to sing along to.

  32. ^ this not worth it a buddy in hs literally built a boat to impress a girl and countless other things and never panned out cuz she had 0 interest in him.

  33. Nothin weird about it. Im scottish and my heart yearns for a new york woman.

  34. "My dad could kick your dads ass !"

  35. It's the wheeze that does it for me

  36. Oh jesus, remember the one with the fat kid on the mini motorbike crashing into the gate lol thats a belter of a noise.

  37. Tenchu z remastered? Like please I need that fix.

  38. Bro a tenchu reboot would be indredible.

  39. I hate how hes been embraced by folk who would've bullied him into suicide.

  40. I like how he edited out all the parts where hes complaining and questioning his life because decorating is stressful.

  41. Damn. Shes my age, and hes a year younger than my mum 😂🤣

  42. Same, except when I go to the site portaloo and see Big Dave’s Big Turd from the curry and 30 poppadoms he had the night before.

  43. One time i saw a toilet bowl filled with what i can only describe as a shit, toilet roll, and jizz lasagne. It was glazed 😥

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