Framed my childhood today.

I'm in this with you.

Keep the community and yourself healthy and happy.

My kindergarten teacher, my cat, my mom, and you.

Everything's better with a good hug

When goodness lifts you

  1. Thanks to both of you! I can now wear this confident that it’s not a weird mistranslation!

  2. It's the Hong Kong theatrical poster for Star Wars.

  3. Ah okay cool! As long as it’s actually accurate I’m good! :)

  4. Wow this brings back memories! I can smell the “new pack” smell haha

  5. All the time I can’t find my original Pokémon fire red cartridge or my original soul silver, weirdly enough though the only time I had a DS stolen from me they didn’t take my copy of Pokémon platinum or my charger.

  6. That’s not too bad I guess haha! I have a copy of soul silver, crazy that they’re selling for so much now! Never got to play fire red or leaf green

  7. Pokémon fire red was how I started the franchise I got my copy my copy along with a transparent pink GBA whenever I was six because my brother decided Pokemon wasn’t cool and I was lucky and got Pokémon Soul Silver full in box with pokewalker for $90 from Facebook buy sale and trade. Unfortunately I lost my pokewalker when I moved because I used it as my actual speedometer because apparently it’s still one of the most accurate ones on the market.

  8. Pokémon will always be cool haha I’m 26 and still going strong!

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