1. FTR, she didn’t ask for a copy. So…considering you’re wrong about that a) I’ll gladly relieve you of that $20, and b) since your assumption was wrong…maybe you should rethink some of your other perspectives and assumptions?

  2. I wonder if this protest should be more targeted.

  3. There was a protest today at city hall focusing on police and governance.

  4. Dude. You’re doubling and tripling down on a bet you already lost.

  5. Anyone know which Bell’s on S Court or Flying Fish on 2nd st serves?

  6. It’s a fair question. Had she not already been in a relationship with PB, who knows?

  7. For everyone shitting on OP for not knowing esteemed character actress Margaret Martindale is a real live esteemed character actress, you do realize that’s one of the recurring jokes throughout the entire series? That she makes everything better that she’s in but no one knows her?

  8. This is a good start as long as they don’t just create a new one with a different name.

  9. Your username tells me you doubt this is anything more than window dressing.

  10. So they’ll create a new name with the old policies.

  11. Anyone hear about another protest today in front of police HQ?

  12. Yes, last great Stones album for me. I would buy a Stones album that just pursued the groove and jam that is Pretty Beat Up, over 10 songs, and that one’s just a toss off. All the Way Down is my jam too.

  13. Pretty Beat Up was Ron’s riff. Keith contributed the song title.

  14. Nacho and Mike never worked together on Gus’s behalf.

  15. Well…thst is pretty much 95% of the headline for most divorces.

  16. I don’t have the vinyl, but the title track is amazing.

  17. I know, it sounds like he’s got an old-timey handlebar mustache and is twirling it around as he plots his revenge on these nefarious separate media entities.

  18. Great! How do you get Apple News without any Apple products?

  19. There’s this other option called Google News.

  20. You have a point, but it in practice it seems like lives are more valuable when they're taken by cops instead of private citizens.

  21. Yes. Bc cops are held to a higher standard.

  22. It's literally not standard operating procedure. They've been arrested and are being charged. That's the opposite of SOP. Being dramatic doesn't help things.

  23. They’re being charged bc they were caught.

  24. CNN white anchor calling the 5 officers “thugs” over and over and over again.

  25. As opposed to fine upstanding citizens who properly conducted their professional duties?

  26. Were they charged? I know they were fired, but were the firefighters also charged?

  27. I don't think anyone here, or anyone I've spoken to in person, is advocating "rioting"


  29. That’s a horrible thing to say to a baby!

  30. But she also could’ve just stayed in the main party if her intention was to run into bojack.

  31. Agreed. She was up there bc she wanted a smoke, a break from all the people, and to gather her own thoughts.

  32. One activity my partner and I enjoy is having sex.

  33. FEDEX Once again I am looking to add to my Outbound Team at Fedex. Starting pay over 19$ an hour. Contact me through messenger and I can give you information on how to apply and use me as your referral to be able to come work directly with my team. My team has opportunities for overtime. Any questions feel free to contact me. THIS IS NIGHT SHIFT OPERATIONS and are MON-Friday nights at the Memphis Hub.


  35. It’s only as bad as your command of grammar.

  36. Nearly the entirety of Between the Buttons.

  37. It’s your keen sense of irony that sets you apart.

  38. It’s Only Rock’N’Roll and Fool To Cry??

  39. Sympathy for the writer. There’s no point in doing a deep dive for the most ardent fans. It’s a general audience article, and bc of that the choices need to be kept something the general audience would read.

  40. “………Sarah Lynn………….?”

  41. This is next level Damage Control.

  42. Bluntly, I’m just amazed someone didn’t capture it all on their phone.

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